GMAT Syllabus of 2024 and Format


GMAT Syllabus of 2024 and Format BEST GMAT CLASSES

GMAT is the exam by which you can get admission to graduate management programs, such as MBA programs across the globe. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is a computer-adaptive test. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate candidates' potential and preparation for advanced business education. Analytical writing, integrated thinking, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning are just a few skills measured on the GMAT. Exam questions are multiple-choice and essay-based and given at specified test centers. Many business schools view a strong GMAT score as an essential requirement for admission.

There are many study materials which students can use for study. MASTERCLASS SPACE offers many updated study materials which they use for study. MASTERCLASS SPACE using a combination of study materials, books, and online resources is advised to get ready for the GMAT exam. The following are some of the top study resources:

Official GMAT prep materials, online courses, practice exams, and study resources from reputable sources are the primary study sources for the GMAT. The Official Guide to GMAT Review, GMAT Official Guide, and The Official GMAT Prep Software are necessary resources containing actual practice tests, all-inclusive sets of practice questions and educational materials for exam preparation developed by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

Moreover, online platforms like MASTERCLASS SPACE have different kinds of study resources ranging from practice questions to classes to study plans meant to assist those preparing for the examination. Ideally, it is recommended that one should combine these materials to ensure a thorough preparation for the GMAT. Masterclass Space is the best GMAT classes in pune.


Business schools use this standardized test, known as the GMAT, to assess applicants' readiness for graduate-level study. The following advice may help you get ready for the GMAT:

Use a study plan that thoroughly covers each subject and idea, and begin your studies as soon as possible.
To assist you prepare for other sections of the real exam, take GMAT sample exams, and practice pace on test day.
Enroll in a study guide to develop accountability, acquire time management skills, and get insider information about exam questions.
Analyze time management strategies and how time might be wasted.
Create a study schedule, decide on your target score, and then take a practice test to find out where you stand.
Make the most of your preparation time by utilizing the resources suitable to your requirements.

If you are looking for preparation classes for GMAT then you can choose MASTERCLASS SPACE. Students can score high in their GMAT exams under the supervision of MASTERCLASS SPACE instructors. The teachers of Masterclass space are highly qualified they are alumina IITS, IIMS, BITS PILANI, and many more.

MASTERCLASS SPACE shares its live class videos on YOUTUBE that help better prepare for GMAT exams. For example, their YouTube videos give tips for improving your GMAT scores. For example, to make the most of your GMAT preparation, create a well-structured study plan, use an active learning strategy, rehearse exam scenarios, focus on analytical writing and integrated thinking, and create a balanced schedule that includes study, exercise, leisure, and relaxation.

MASTERCLASS SPACE is a company that is a worldwide education with offices in Singapore and India. It provides many courses like the SAT, ACT, AP, ADMISSION CONSULTING, and GMAT.

Here’s what you need to do to get ready for the GMAT:

Know the structure and contents: Know and understand question types and test formats.

Develop a schedule for studying: Setting a target score, determining how many hours you will need to prepare, and taking a diagnostic test can help you figure out where you stand. First of all, do mock exams and make a study times table.

Find the right materials: Use the most appropriate resources such as tutors, classroom courses, and online courses among others. Practice tests and test questions are necessary to be ready for the real exam.

Learn to manage time: If you fail to finish one of the GMAT sections on time, your points may be lost. Thus, plan and give yourself enough time for that.

Try GMAT practice tests: They can help you set a good rhythm for the exam and also cover other sections of the test. Practice exams are available online or in a test-prep book that one may find in a store.

Create a study calendar: Find out which colleges you would like to apply to and familiarize yourself with the courses you wish to pursue. Practice with real tests and questions before you head into the real thing.

Mentally prepare: Make sure you can handle stress and anxiety on test day. Even though everyone who takes this examination is different, there’s no other way of making sure that one will succeed when doing GMAT than to develop a tailored study plan for your specific case only.


The success rate of students who have taken GMAT coaching at MASTERCLASS SPACE all over India is very high. The teachers of Masterclass Space are very knowledgeable and helpful they teach students in a way that students focus properly on the preparation. To prepare for the GMAT, students have to follow their teachers and several important points:

  1. BE INFORMATIVE ABOUT STYDY PLANS: be aware of the format of the exam collect information as much as you can and make a study plan according to the instructors and information which you collect.
  2. TAKE THE PREPARATION MATERIALS: students can join any class like MASTERCLASS SPACE and get updated and important study material for better preparation.
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT: Students have to follow the timetable for systematic preparation. If they follow a timetable they can give equal time to every subject.
  4. UNDERSTANDING EVERY SUBJECT: By proper timetable, you can reach every subject deeply and start clear all concepts of each subject. Then practice an enormous number of questions covering every subject.
  5. USE BEST LEARNING METHODS: Students have to use the best study materials and best learning methods. MASTERCLASS SPACE is the best place for it. Students get the best learning method for the best preparation for the GMAT in Pune by MASTERCLASS Space. Using these resources you will boost your preparation and score high.

If you follow these points you can increase your GMAT score and get admission to your favorite college which will make your future bright. Masterclass Space is the best place for preparation for GMAT in PUNE.


Because test formats change annually students need to stay updated on the curriculum modifications and potential format variations, for their exams. With that in mind let's delve into the 2024 format and syllabus of the GMAT. The GMAT consists of four sections; reasoning, textual evaluation, integrated reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Students are allotted three and a half hours to complete the exam.

This course covers topics such, as algebra, real numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, and characteristics of integers. It also focuses on developing reasoning skills.

Verbal Reasoning: In this section examiners carefully assess students' written work to evaluate arguments and draw conclusions.

Integrated Reasoning involves analyzing tables conducting two-part analysis exercises and employing reasoning skills with sources.

ASSESSMENT, OF ANALYTICAL WRITING: This section focuses on writing. During the GMAT exam students are allowed to take two 8-minute breaks and encounter multiple-choice questions in each section. It is important for students to carefully review all instructions provided in the GMAT 2024 application form from GRADUATE MANAGEMENT ADMISSION COUNCIL. For information about GMAT or any other exams well as details about our educational format, at MASTERCLASS SPACE please visit If you would like to consult with our consultants or instructors feel free to email us at