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What Are the Best Services Offered by Global Educational Consultants

Our Goal

At Global Education Consultancy Services, we work hard to match each student with their ideal program. It takes both art and science to determine a student's academic, social, and learning strengths. We take pride in looking for campuses that will enable students to flourish in the following stage of their education and are convinced that there are always a variety of settings ideal for each learner.

According to Education Consultancy Company names, recent years have seen an enormous increase in student opportunities. GEC urges students to be open-minded and to think about enlarging their horizons, whatever that entails for each student. Finding an environment that meets the student's needs is crucial because college is a time of exploration, learning, and growth. The application process's strategy was developed through experience working with students of all academic levels, learning preferences, and high schools.

The extensive and varied experience GEC has demonstrated its capacity for adaptability, creativity, and teamwork. To use as resources, GEC has a sizable professional network of educators, tutors, admissions staff, psychologists, and colleagues. Working on two continents gives GEC access to a larger network of professional resources and a more comprehensive body of knowledge.

GEC helps students get ready for college by offering structure and direction while encouraging independence. The GEC consultants take great pride in their capacity to match a student's values and interests with the type of college experience they're looking for. What makes educational consulting enjoyable is recognizing student accomplishments!

Scaffolding and Strategies

Utilizing a range of tools and techniques Global Educational Consultants works with a range of students, customizing the application and search processes to meet the needs of each student. GEC has the knowledge and skills to help with the transfer process for students attending 2- and 4-year colleges, pre-professional and liberal arts programs, music theatre and culinary arts, and students transferring to other colleges.

Among the services offered by Global Educational Consultants are the following:

  • Investigate your academic and extracurricular interests
  • Examine student records and test results.
  • Provide suggestions for standardized tests
  • Resources and suggestions for testing preparation
  • Determine a student's strengths and learning preferences
  • Make a list of suitable colleges for the student
  • Plan where and when to use it.
  • Discuss and come up with essay topics.
  • Edit resumes and application essays
  • Organize and deconstruct the entire application process, and offer insight into how applications are read.
  • Every step of the way, provide due dates for each task.
  • Before submitting applications, proofread them.
  • Keep parents informed of the procedure and development
  • A few suggestions for campus visits

Global Educational Consultants can advise students and families about their academic interests and options through one-on-one student meetings. As a proponent of experiential learning, GEC teaches students what essential information they require and shows them where to find it. GEC provides examples of how to gather the most recent information and data by using websites, books, blogs, admissions staff, and social media. Students are kept on track to meet all of their application deadlines by having structure and support available at every step.

Learn from Our Expert Consultants How to Navigate the College Planning Minefield

We have the inside information you need to select the best college, get financial aid, and set up your student for success. By working with knowledgeable financial professionals, you can steer clear of many traps that could end up costing you thousands of dollars or even depriving your child of a good education.

By doing this, you'll spare yourself the hassle of having to deal with a complicated process and give your student a big advantage. Our free college planning workshops offer details on this challenging procedure.

You will better understand the need for expert college funding strategies after attending these educational workshops. You'll pick up cutting-edge methods for obtaining financial aid. We can assist you in minimizing the financial impact on your current and future retirement plans, and we can also help you understand the complex laws and provisions that have an impact on many aspects of college funding. Regardless of your income, you'll discover how to increase your student's eligibility for financial aid for college.

You might discover that your top choice—a traditionally more expensive school—actually costs less because it offers a more generous financial aid package because schools offer a variety of aid options. We are aware of how to find the actual cost by looking past the "sticker" price.

Inaccurate and misleading information on the internet can also be confusing and may steer you in the wrong direction. It is challenging to distinguish fact from myth unless you have devoted years to studying the system. In order to ensure that your child has a successful college experience, Ecliptic Financial Advisors, a company that specializes in financial planning for higher education, can give you accurate information.

These workshops assist families in comprehending the procedure and the sector, enabling you to get the most gift aid possible for your child's education. We can assist you in developing sustainable college funding strategies to pay for your children's college and save for your own retirement without going bankrupt. By planning your finances, you will have a better chance of being eligible for need-based aid.

View Our Consulting Services for College Planning

Planning for Financial Aid

Help you create a college budget by assessing your financial situation. Then we devised a strategy to help you meet your financial objectives for your child's college education.

Advice on Admission to College

Additionally, we can act as your child's college admissions counsellor. Our private college admissions counsellors in New Jersey can help your child stay focused, which will lower college costs while also reducing stress for you and your child.

Many students discover they must change their majors or universities in order to graduate, two decisions that can prolong a child's expensive matriculation. Our counselling services might be able to steer a student away from that course. Our student services include counselling, course planning, resume building, college essay writing, filling out admissions applications, and everything else your child needs to succeed in college.

Recognize What They Do

Although the terms "financial planner," "consultant," and "advisor" can all be used interchangeably, a person with these skills will probably be responsible for managing one or more aspects of a client's financial life. Analysis of cash flow and net worth, insurance, debt reduction, tax management, investing, risk management, creation of retirement and savings accounts, and estate planning are examples of typical services. Determine which service(s) you want your financial advisor to offer before starting your search.

Know What You Want

Depending on how you want your financial planner to serve you, you should choose them. Do you want a thorough financial plan or just want to talk about a few things? Does the advisor offer the insurance and investment options suggested by the strategy? If not, do they recommend you to a particular brokerage house or insurer? Find out if they have any financial ties to the providers that have been recommended. Instead of focusing on what will increase their own income, you want them to advise you based on what is best for your financial portfolio.

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