CUET 2024 Exam

7 Secrets to Ace the CUET Undergraduate Exam

CUET 2024 Exam CUET Study Guide for 2024

It is necessary to create a road map outlining the subjects to cover, the timing of those topics, the number of hours needed for each subject, and other details before taking the Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET).

While some of you prepare ahead, the majority of you might not be clear on what you want to accomplish in school!

You need to start preparing as soon as possible if your objective is to be admitted to one of the best central institutions!

Recognise the format of the exam

Each college uses a different paper pattern even though the total number of questions is the same. Thus, in order to be eligible for the admission exam, one must be aware of the paper pattern for that specific college.

The entrance exam will consist of four portions in accordance with the CUET Exam Pattern:

Section 1 A: 13 Languages
Section 1 B: 19 Languages
Section 2: Test specific to a domain
Section 3: Comprehensive examination

It's also critical to understand the particular exam format required by the college you apply to. To find out the exam format for the colleges you have applied to, go to the CUET official website. Start studying for the CUET exam only after that.

Identify the syllabus.

The second step is to make a list of the curriculum so you know what to study when you have an understanding of your exam schedule. Visit CUET's official website to view the course and college-specific syllabuses.

Keep in mind that each college may have a different syllabus. It is crucial that you thoroughly go over and double-check your syllabus before beginning to prepare for the CUET 2024.

Set a Time

With careful planning, table scheduling can produce amazing outcomes. Making a study plan, however, is one of the hardest things for most people to do.

You should allocate time each day to prepare for the CUET exam. You might allot one or two hours at first for the entrance exam and the remaining time for the board exams. You can make the most of your time studying for the NTA CUET exam after the board exams are done.

List the Colleges You Want to Attend

You need to create a list of CUET colleges and courses before you begin preparing for the CUET 2024 exam. Next, ascertain the counselor position for that specific college as well as the prior year's cutoff. By doing this, you will improve your CUET 2024 preparation levels for the upcoming exam and gain insight into the marks required in the CUET exam to be admitted to a specific course in the college of your choice.

You Should Make Newspapers Your New Best Friend

You can get better in vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension by reading the newspaper. You can study the Times of India or the Hindu newspaper to get better at English. To get better at Hindi, you might want to read the Dainik Bharat newspaper.

You have to read and analyze the editorial page of the newspaper for at least thirty minutes.

Get Mock Test Practice

You will be able to identify your areas of strength and weakness and make necessary improvements if you work on the ideas and write mock exams based on the exam pattern.

Participate in at least one CUET mock test each week, and when you finish the test, attempt to evaluate your performance.

Additionally, make an effort to answer as many multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to the themes covered in your board test. Increase the amount of mocks you take progressively.


It is not advisable to choose a new subject to study right before the CUET. The final few days are dedicated to review only, allowing you to go over and refresh your memory on previously covered material.

A strong score requires extensive revision. It's like "working hard, but without a plan" when you study without planning!

Read our article on test series for CUET to get a foundational understanding of the CUET general test series. To get in touch with Masterclass Space contact us.

Strategies for CUET Domain-Specific Test Preparation

There will be 27 items in the domain-specific test of the CUET entrance exam, from which you must select the six areas you want to study in your undergraduate program.

This section's questions are at the class 12 level of difficulty. Therefore, you will do better in this portion if you understand the basic ideas of the subject you have chosen.

You must select courses that you find engaging and love studying in the morning. Try answering the NCERT textbook's easy, moderate, and difficult level multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

Ways to Get Ready for the CUET 2024 Aptitude Exam?

The only way to do well on the aptitude test is to practice. The top aptitude study guides for the CUET exam are listed here.

  • Divide up the subjects in your study plan that you must study every day.
  • Give yourself a time restriction for every topic you are learning.
  • Don't always include difficult topics. Aim to vary the topics.
  • Select an easy issue from logic if you are assigned a challenging notion from the quant.
  • You can develop a desire to study more and avoid boredom in this way.
  • Note down key terms or intricate formulas related to the subject you are learning; this will assist you when it comes time for review.

Tips for CUET 2024 Quantitative Aptitude Section Preparation

You must practice more if you want to do well in the quantitative topic. Since the majority of the questions may come from normal eighth, ninth, and tenth-grade mathematics, go over all of the fundamentals again.

Give special attention to the following: ratios and proportions, time and words, speed and distance, profit and loss, mensuration, number systems, geometry, simplification, quadratic equations, mixes, and allegations.

How Can You Get Ready for the CUET 2024 Logical Reasoning Exam?

Attempt to answer every logical thinking problem that appears at the conclusion of textbooks. Every day, try to answer questions at various levels.

  • To get better at solving problems, practice tackling puzzle-related problems more and more.
  • Try answering as many of the previous year's CUET question papers as you can.
  • Participate in weekly mock exams to gauge your level of preparedness.

Do Mock Tests Help Prepare for the CUET Exam 2024?

Taking practice exams is one of the best ways to increase your speed and accuracy on the final exam, according to the CUET preparation recommendations 2024.

You can determine the paper's level of difficulty and the kinds of questions that will be asked on the test by using practice exams. You can assess how well you're prepared for the forthcoming test.

Above all, it can assist in raising your self-assurance levels.

In short

"Is the CUET examination really tough"? No not at all. Nothing is considered tough if you understand and adhere to the proper preparatory method. As CUET is now in its formative period, it's not a very difficult exam to pass. The CUET 2024 exam is one that you can easily pass if you are motivated and determined. These CUET Preparation Tips have been carefully selected to assist CUET 2024 applicants in using the most effective exam techniques.

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