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What Makes Cambridge University Best of all Time?

Why is Cambridge considered to be the best?

Moving out of your home country is not an easy affair but when it comes to Cambridge, it is definitely worth it. Here are the top reasons why Cambridge university is one of a kind.

  • A classic and rich history
  • Are you a science enthusiast? If yes, then you will be pleased to know that Sir Isaac Newton spent his academic life at Trinity College, Cambridge. The labs and the environment showcase one of the most amazing experiments that were carried out during that time. Getting an environment like that serves as a motivation in itself to move forward and achieve something exceptional.

  • Great Alumni
  • Cambridge University has one of the most amazing and well-known alumni. The students have left no stone unturned in achieving the greatest milestones of success. This shows the surroundings and the culture followed at this university and the values you will get to groom your personality.

  • Great Networking
  • Being one of the oldest and most reputed institutions in the world, Cambridge university has great links, exchange programs, and an immensely diversified campus life. You get to be a part of great events which can give you a new perspective on looking up to things. It is indeed a great exposure.

  • Amazing place to live in
  • The location of the university is mesmerizing with bridges, rivers, and great weather. You can never actually feel bored on the campus because of the scenic beauty of the university.

  • Great employment opportunities
  • More than 90% of Cambridge students have been placed in large corporations at a well-reputed designation and are immensely doing well in their lives. This is due to the amazing courses and the teaching students get during their graduation years in Cambridge.

  • Financial Aid
  • The students get up to 100% scholarships in their tuition fees, purely based on their merit. The sole aim of these scholarships is not to deprive any extraordinary talent of getting an education just for the reason of their financial background.

  • Student Mentor Ratio
  • Cambridge has been ranked 10th from all around the world with regard to its student-mentor ratio. It has been consistently maintained at 11:1 which means each student gets personal attention from the teacher.

  • Amazing Nightlife
  • No matter how hectic it gets, a night walk into the city will always make you feel relaxed and calm. With such fresh air, chilling breeze, and beautiful city you will always feel refreshed in the city of Cambridge.

  • World’s top ranking Courses are offered
  • Cambridge University offers courses for every stream and makes sure that the students get to learn the most of them. Whether you talk about science, economics, finance, architecture, chemistry, humanities, or law, Cambridge has always got something to offer.

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Cambridge University welcomes a significant number of international students from all around the globe. This is a sign that you will get to learn a lot about the various cultures and religions and traditions followed in each part of the world.

  • Beautiful city life
  • Cambridge is not just about excellent education, it is about great museums, great shopping destinations, fun games, delicious food and many more. It is a full package of entertainment to roam around in the city, chilling and enjoying a Sunday day out.

So, these are some of the major reasons why you should try a bit hard to get into Cambridge University. But, there are many students who feel like they want to get into Cambridge but do not really know how to pave their way, so not to worry, Masterclass Space has got you covered. Let's find out how masterclass Space can help you in your journey to Cambridge University.

Masterclass Space- Our Vision and Mission

At MasterclassSpace, we prioritize student satisfaction as we guide our students personally to keep them motivated all throughout their foreign education journey. We conduct personal mentorship sessions for our students so that they are focussed on their goals without stressing too much over things. We have a team of counselors, having expertise in different countries and courses. Our world-class faculty members believe in nurturing and polishing the skills of our students with the best possible knowledge in the most simplified manner. Being experienced professionals, they know about teaching diverse student bases which serve as an advantage. Our education counseling services are not restricted to only specified hours, rather they are available for the students at any point in time through virtual mediums.

Our counselors are available anytime for the students to guide them wherever and whenever they feel stuck. We conduct personal mentorship sessions for our students so that they are focussed on their goals without stressing too much over things.

No matter how many claims the course and the coaching make, it is the most important step to cross-verify and talk to the senior students or the alumni of the institute as they can only give you the reality check of the claims the course does. you could reach out to them either through LinkedIn or in person. Having similar interest levels will give you a fair and true picture of the course, curriculum, patterns, and teachers. Hence, interacting with the existing students probably plays the most important part in decision-making. Hence, with this thought, we also facilitate a meeting of the students with our alumni residing in that country which helps them understand the practical scenario.

We aim to instruct a huge number of Students across India through our education counseling services in Delhi as well as in the entire nation. We plan to reshape students consistently through satellite, on the web, alongside homeroom training. We have consistently supported the reason for quality training. That is the exact thing we convey across 6 streams and 29 courses. We have consistently trusted in commitment. Spearheading instruction has forever been our point. We are the main training foundation to have a devoted in-house situation administration for its Students.

Our goal is to run a productive help to give individual educational cost custom fitted to students explicit necessities in a tremendous scope of subjects, levels, and age gatherings.

We, at Masterclass Space, endeavor to rethink conventional schooling systems, which have, most frequently, preferred Students who are seen to be keener and more intelligent. We unequivocally accept that each understudy merits a fair and open door to get the best quality training and the right direction from the perfect individuals, as that will empower the understudy to accomplish his/her true capacity.


A university like Cambridge is definitely worth every effort which goes out of the box. Therefore, you need proper guidance. So, here is the point where masterclass Space comes into play. Our consultancy services for Cambridge will definitely make the journey easier and better for you.

A student’s career depends on the right decisions at the right time. Therefore, it becomes necessary to look into every aspect of the desired career before reaching any conclusion. Book your free demo session now with us.
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