BITSAT Test Series for Session 2

14 Tips to Crack BITSAT Session 2 in Last 15 Days Preparation

BITSAT Test Series for Session 2 In the run-up to BITSAT exams, you should increase the level of your preparation to capture your seat of preference. But there are a few key areas which, with the proper concentration and timing, will help you to achieve the best results in these all-important last few days. Below are simple strategies that are very useful if you are attempting BITSAT for a second time.

Understand the Exam Pattern

Before proceeding to the intensive learning, you need to acquaint yourself with the BITSAT exam pattern. It also means that if you know the type of questions, the chapter-wise weightage, the focused issues and by analyzing the previous year papers, you would know better what to expect and how to handle it. One great resource to consider is the BITSAT Test Series for Session 2 by Masterclass Space. This test series can give you a feel of the actual exam and help you manage time effectively.

Focus on What You Know

By the end of this week, most students should be able to achieve a 40- to 50-percent coverage of their Class 12th curriculum and it should be important here to expand this base. Do not attempt at the same time to study entirely new materials in the chapters, it is better to improve your knowledge of specific topics that you have already read. The BITSAT Crash Course by Masterclass Space can be particularly helpful in reinforcing these concepts through intensive revision sessions.

Don’t Neglect LR & English

Students should bear in mind that THERE IS MORE TO BITSAT AND CAMPUS EXAMINATION THAN PCM ONLY. LR and English are other subjects that can count for something in the final tally. Students excel well in PCM but they are ignorant of such portions, which may actually define the cutoffs. This is why you should dedicate your time to practicing these subjects to the maximum and with a relaxed mind.

Read Questions Carefully

Re-reading each question at least twice can prevent you from misunderstanding what is being asked. For instance, if a question is framed as following statements, which of them are incorrect, do not select all the correct statements but select the false one.

Practice for Speed and Accuracy

BITSAT is more of a speed and accuracy test, unlike JEE Mains. Enhance the mentioned skills by solving different questions and writing mock tests. This means that when you are taking the actual test, you must learn to work under a given time although the test consists of 130 questions and can only be completed in 180 minutes. The BITSAT Test Series for Session-2 by Masterclass Space is designed to improve both your speed and accuracy, with a variety of timed practice tests.

Strengthen Strong Concepts

Looking at the important concepts you have to record, revise your notes and formulas. To consolidate these areas, try to solve as many questions as possible in these areas.

Improve Weak Concepts

For concepts that you feel are not very strong, use one-shot videos and generate chapter modules to grasp the content. Solve the following questions on your own and then attempt to solve problems on your own. In a case where a certain question is challenging, ensure you go through the solution, flag it, and revisit the question after some days.

Diversify Your Practice

Instead of practicing many questions of the same type, it is better to solve a few questions from different categories. Doing so will provide more coverage and ready you for the variety present in the actual examination.

Learn Tricky Approaches

Therefore, read solved examples in order to be aware of the delicate ways of solving them. Flag the tough tasks and try them after several days. This repetition assists in anchoring the learning into one’s memory through repeated practice.

Create a Formula and Diagram Book

Still, if you haven’t, it is the right time to create a dedicated book for formulas and diagrams. This will assist you in making a memory map and ensure that you address all the relevant information in one way or another.

Prioritize Revision

Next to reviewing is revision in the preparation process of the BITSAT. Revision of some facts and formulas, for example, is a good way to keep these pieces of information on the “tips of your fingers” and exclude any possibility of forgetting them vduring the exam.

Speed Reading and Keywords

It is essential to work at the formation of the particular type of speed-reading when taking notes and underlining keywords. This way, when you are faced with questions, you are able to grasp all that is important very fast and with ease.

Special Focus on English

When it comes to English, make sure you go through the syllabus carefully and tackle at least 40 questions from each topic. It's also helpful to review questions from previous years. The BITSAT Crash Course by Masterclass Space includes extensive practice for English, ensuring you’re prepared for this critical section.

Mock Tests

To really ace your preparation, try doing two mock tests every day. Set aside some time from 9 AM to 12 PM and another slot from 2 PM to 5 PM. After each test, take a moment to analyze your performance, pinpoint areas where you can improve, and fine-tune your overall strategy. The BITSAT Test Series for Session-2 by Masterclass Space offers a range of mock tests that simulate the actual exam environment, helping you build confidence and improve your performance.


By following these strategies, you'll be able to make the most out of the final 15 days of your BITSAT preparation. Concentrate on your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and practice with dedication. Remember, it's not just about putting in the hard work, but also working smart. Best of luck!