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Exploring BITSAT 2024: Ranks, Cutoffs, and Mark Analysis Demystified

BITSAT 2024 grades vs. Rank: Students can predict their entrance exam rank based on their grades using the BITSAT marks vs. rank analysis. It is recommended that candidates prioritize the BITSAT cutoff over the ranks. The only factor taken into consideration for admission to BITS is the exam scores of the individuals who took the test. To be admitted to BITS, students frequently aim to receive at least 225 out of 450.

Engineering and pharmacy students can use BITSAT scores vs. Rank to forecast their rank and the colleges that will accept them based on their scores. This comprehension aids students in understanding where to apply for admission during BITSAT counseling.

BITSAT Rank vs. Marks for 2023

2024 BITSAT Score vs. Rank

The BITSAT 2024 marks vs. rank analysis shown below is based on data from the previous year's test takers' ranks their marks.

Scores on the BITSAT BITSAT Estimated Rank
Above 400 1 to 304
305 to 350 351 to 400
301 to 350 2320 to 8789
251 to 300 8790 to 22441
202 to 250 22442 to 32565
Fewer than 250 More than 22442

Applicants with test scores below 225 will have a harder time being accepted into any of the schools.

BITSAT 2023 Qualifying Scores

BITSAT Qualifying Marks 2024: What Is It?

Candidates must receive the minimum qualifying scores on the entrance exam to be admitted to one of the BITS campuses. Following the conclusion of the entrance exam, the authorities determine the qualifying marks for the BITSAT. The minimum qualifying score for BITSAT 2020 was 240.

The minimal score required for admission is determined by taking into account several parameters, including

The difficulty of the questions in the paper

Total number of test-taking students

The mean scores attained by the applicants, etc.

The official authorities will declare the minimum qualifying marks for BITSAT, which will take the form of cutoff marks. Students must meet the minimal cutoff points to be picked for admission.

For every institute branch, a high score on BITSAT 2024 will vary. For example, students who wish to choose the top branches of the Institute should aim for a score of at least 370–380, as this is regarded as an excellent result. Although the average BITSAT score for 2024 is more than 300, 290 or more points are thought to be sufficient for admission to other branches.

Trends in BITSAT Cutoff

When students examine the BITSAT cutoff pattern from previous years, they will better grasp it. The BITSAT cutoff for the past few years is displayed in the table below.

Streams End 2017 2018 Cutoff 2019 Cutoff Final 2020
Engineering Mechanical 297 269 275 298
Science of Chemistry 272 281 252 270
Engineering Computer Science 339 313 342 372
Engineering of Electronics and Communication 320 341 318 320
Engineering – Electrical & Electronics 310 255 308 333
Engineering of Electronics and Instrumentation 298 269 294 323
Building and Construction 273 265 254 254
Engineering for Manufacturing 269 315 309 253

BITSAT 2024 Deadline

Following the completion of the counseling iterations, BITSAT Cutoff 2024 will be made available. Typically, BITS's computer science course has the highest cutoff.

Additionally, BITS Pilani is regarded by students as their top option, followed by BITS Hyderabad and BITS Goa.

For every course, BITS Pilani will publish a distinct merit list. Pupils must receive grades that are on par with or higher than the authorities' set cutoff points.

BITSAT Qualifying Score

Score Requirement for BITSAT 2024

Location Stream/Program BITS: Average Score BITS Goa: Mean Result BITS Hyderabad: Mean Result
Pilani Engineering Bachelors (BE) 270–338 260–390 257–306
B. Pharma 213–220 177–185 -
Masters of Science (MSc) 252–282 254–283 259–315

Programme BITS Pilani BITS Goa BITS Hyderabad
B. Pharma 2193, 166–170 - -
B.E. Mechanical 266-270 276-282 309-312
Computer Science B.E. 381–387 339-348 348–352
Manufacturing B.E. 259-264 - -
B.E. Communication and Electronics 350-335 315-320 324-331
B.E. Instrumentation and Electronics 329-352 286-302 295-300

Number of students achieving a score of ≥ BITSAT 2013 BITSAT 2014 BITSAT 2015 BITSAT 2016 BITSAT 2017
400 162 256 246 304 381
300 586 7172 8184 8789 9290
225 17044 19341 21821 22441 23458
200 25617 28720 31882 32565 33633

2024 BITSAT Merit List

The written test results of a candidate will determine their admission to the BITSAT 2024 courses. To be included in the merit list, candidates must receive the fewest number of failing grades. The only applicants who will receive admission invitations are those whose names appear on the merit list. Two distinct merit lists for the B.Pharm programme and other programmes will be released by the exam organising authorities, accordingly. The exam conducting body will use a tie-breaker criterion to choose the winner if the scores of two or more applicants are identical.

Courses on BITSAT 2024

For the candidates' information, the courses available at each of the three BITS campuses according to their BITSAT 2024 score are shown below. Candidates must indicate the course they desire to be admitted.

Campus B. E. Courses B. Pharma Courses M.Sc. Programme Courses
BITS Pilani - Pilani Campus Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electronics and Communication Pharm. B. General Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics
BITS Pilani - K. K. Birla Goa Campus Chemical, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical - Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
BITS Pilani - Hyderabad Campus Electrical and Electronics, Computer Science, Chemical, Civil, Electronics & Communication, Mechanical, Electronics & Instrumentation Pharm. B. Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics

BITSAT Scholarships for 2024

Students enrolled in BITS Campus programs are eligible for a range of financial aid opportunities, including merit-and need-based scholarships. Each year, scholarships are awarded to about thirty percent of the students.

About 30% of applicants for First Degree Programmes receive a tuition cost waiver each year, ranging from 15% to 100%.

Scholarship for BITSAT

It should be mentioned that there is no admission charge waiver.

Scholarships are given out once a semester.

The candidate's performance and needs will determine if the BITSAT scholarship is awarded after each semester.

The deadline for BITSAT 2024

Following the counseling session, BITS Pilani will issue the cut-off for BITSAT 2024. The minimum score required for admission to BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, Goa, and other universities is known as the BITSAT cut-off. Every engineering stream—chemical, electrical, computer science, mechanical, civil, and others—has a different cutoff date for BITSAT.

BITSAT Total Score and Anticipated Cutoff Date: 2024

Program Total Marks BITS Pilani Cut off BITS Goa Cut off BITS Hyderabad Cut off
Bachelors of Engineering (BE) 390 270 to 338 260 to 390 257 to 306
B. Pharm 390 213 to 220 - 177 to 185
Masters of Science (MSc)(BE) 390 259 to 315 252 to 282 254 to 283

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