BITSAT Coaching for Session 2

BITSAT Coaching for Session 2: A Comprehensive Guide to Ace Your Exam

BITSAT Coaching for Session 2 The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT) is a competitive exam held for those students who want to be admitted in the first year of the Integrated PhD Programme and the first year of M.E./M. Phill Programme at BITS Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad campuses. Thus, having a set of rules and high standards is essential to be prepared especially if one is aiming to challenge the second session. It is a guide for Session 2 of BITSAT coaching that comprises techniques, materials and important aspects to follow if one is to achieve the best scores.

Understanding BITSAT

BITSAT is a computer-based test in which students are tested on their knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Computer Science, English Comprehension, and Logical reasoning. The exam pattern is as follows:

  • Physics: 40 questions
  • Chemistry: 40 questions
  • Mathematics: 45 questions
  • English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning: There are 25 questions in the online exam i.e. 15 questions of the English language and 10 questions of Logical reasoning.

Therefore, it will be 150 questions in total, each correct answer attracts 3 points and an incorrect answer leads to a - 1 point deduction. Also, there are 12 extra questions for the participants to answer in case they are not satisfied with their score while taking the main section, thus having the possibility to get even more points.

Importance of Coaching

However, self-study is incomplete, and coaching helps you follow a proven methodology, get specifically tailored advice from experienced professionals, and offer you great resources to help you improve your preparation immensely. Here’s why enrolling in BITSAT Coaching for Session 2 can be beneficial:

  1. Structured Learning: Coaching centres provide a well-thought-out lesson plan so that you do not see the overall picture and jump from one topic directly to another, thereby missing out on crucial concepts.
  2. Experienced Faculty: Extensive practice and practical knowledge, as a rule, distinguish professional instructors; they explain a lot of things that a student would not be able to find even in theoretical manuals.
  3. Regular Assessments: The arrangements of tests and quizzes enable one to monitor personal progress and areas of difficulty.
  4. Time Management Skills: Mock papers are those papers that are related to the actual exam and help in improving the speed.
  5. Peer Learning: The reason being, learning from other aspirants is a great way to get some motivation and take a look at things from a different viewpoint.

Choosing the Right Coaching Institute

In choosing the right institute, getting the most fitting platform will be crucial to the success of exam preparation. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Reputation and Track Record: Find institutes with the best performance track records for getting their students through the BITSAT exam.
  2. Faculty Quality: Understand what any academic staff should possess; their professional attainments and backgrounds.
  3. Study Material: Guarantee the study materials of the institute are adequate and relevant to the current learning process.
  4. Mock Tests and Assessments: Find out whether the institute has provisions for conducting mock tests as frequently as possible which tests the students by the pattern of BITSAT.
  5. Student Support: Facilities like special attention, time for doubt-clearing sessions etc. do form part of concepts offered in good coaching institutes.

Self-Study Strategies for BITSAT Preparation

Nevertheless, an additional dose of coaching, be it an online program or offline, can become invaluable, or, at least, helpful, while independent studying is the rock bottom of BITSAT preparation. Here are some effective self-study strategies:

  1. Create a Study Plan: Generally, plan a day and assign a or more time slots for a particular subject and continue with the following slot time. The course should also be that comprehensive that does not leave any of the topics untouched.
  2. Focus on Weak Areas: Recognize you’re having poor grades in some classes and allocate more time for them.
  3. Use Quality Study Material: Standard books available in the market: Physics: HC Verma, Chemistry: OP Tandon, Mathematics: RD Sharma.
  4. Practice Regularly: Try to attempt the previous years’ papers BITSAT and attempt online mock tests to be easily acquainted with the type of questions asked and the level of difficulty in the examination.
  5. Revise Consistently: Clausen’s law suggests that a subject should be revisited time and again to warrant the formation of permanent knowledge, this is because concepts and formulas are rigid.

Subject-Wise Preparation Tips


Spend a lot of time on the definition of the whole and parts, on the understanding of elementary concepts and fundamental laws.
The emphasis should be made on subjects such as Mechanics: Kinematics, Dynamics and statistics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics and Modern Physics.
Practice numerical problems regularly.


Organize your classes in a way that distinguishes between Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.
For the Physical Chemistry course, the best strategy is to improve problem-solving skills.
Approximate parts: List Organic Chemistry reaction and Mechanism.
Read hard especially in the areas of the periodic table and chemical bonding in the course Inorganic Chemistry.


Relate more deeply to the basic theories.
Solved examples and problems which involve Calculus, Algebra, trigonometry and coordinate geometry.
The two things that one should employ as he or she is working on their papers are speed and accuracy.

Time Management

This paper will perhaps explain how, if only in limited ways, time management can have a direct impact on your performance in BITSAT. Here are some tips:

  • Practice Mock Tests: Setting the time limit and recreating the examination atmosphere to experience the feeling of completing the paper.
  • Prioritize Questions: It is advisable to start with simpler questions to get through them quickly and obtain a good score and then switch to the most challenging ones.
  • Avoid Time Traps: If you come across any question that takes a lot of time and is too complex, don’t tackle it but come back to it later if you have the time.

Exam Day Tips

  • Stay Calm: People with anxiety can be prevented from performing their duties effectively. Take breaks to ensure that you have a relaxed mind do deep breathing exercises to help you relax.
  • Read Instructions Carefully: Check and take note of the instructions given before attempting the test.
  • Keep Track of Time: Other contestants should also keep an eye on the time to determine when to start working on other parts of the competition.
  • Review Answers: If time allows, go over your responses again to look for mistakes to correct.


Getting ready for BITSAT means an effective combination of preparatory classes, personal practice, and, finally, time utilization. Here, I discuss the specific importance of the tips and how you can improve your chances of success in Session 2 by selecting the right coaching institute and studying properly. Just remember that you need to stay committed to the practice and that patience is going to get paid off here.

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