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BITSAT 2024 Updates: Exam Dates, Brochure Release, and Admission Insights

Best Test Series for Bitsat
Birla Institute of Technology and Science is responsible for administering the BITSAT exam. Every year, candidates for admission to the various engineering programs provided by BITS Pilani Campuses in Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad must pass the fiercely competitive BITSAT online exam.

In 2024, there will be two BITSAT sessions: Session 1 and Session 2, spaced a few weeks apart. You may find all the information you need here regarding the BITSAT 2024 exam date, brochure, registration, application form, BITS-Pilani admissions procedure, number of seats, qualifying requirements, and format of the paper.

Top BITSAT 2024 Online Crash Course: Course Description and Enrollment Procedure

Date of BITSAT 2024 Exam

BITS-Pilani will administer the computer-based BITSAT 2024 exam throughout May and June. The tentative dates for the BITSAT 2024 exams are May 21–26 for session 1 and June 18–22 for session 2.

The tentative exam schedule for BITSAT 2024 is shown below:

The tentative dates for the BITSAT 2024 online test

The application period for BITSAT 2024 opens on January 31, 2024.

The deadline for online applications to BITSAT-2024 for either Session I or both sessions is April 9, 2024.

Exam Dates for Session I* of BITSAT 2024: May 21–May 26, 2024

The application period for BITSAT-2024 Session-II is from May 22 to June 12, 2024.

Exam Dates for Session II* of BITSAT 2024: June 18–June 22, 2024

* In December 2023, the finalized exam dates for BITSAT 2024 will be revealed.

Brochure (Information Bulletin) for BITSAT 2024

BITS-Pilani will release the BITSAT 2024 Brochure (Information Bulletin) very shortly. For additional information regarding the BITSAT application and admissions process, download the BITSAT 2023 Information Brochure.

BE/BTech Admission Process at BITS-Pilani

The BITSAT admission test will determine who gets admitted to the BE/BTech programs at BITS-Pilani. Students can apply for the BITS-Pilani entrance test, also known as BITSAT 2024, if they plan to take the class 12th or equivalent exam in 2024 or if they pass the exam in 2023.

Registration & Application Form for BITSAT 2024

Registration for BITSAT 2024 is anticipated to open in January of that year. After reviewing the guidelines and qualifying requirements, candidates must complete the online application form available on the BITSAT website.

How Can I Register for BITSAT 2024?

The following are the key details about the BITSAT application and registration:

Candidates must apply online via the BITSAT website.

Each applicant is allowed to submit only one application at a time. Several applications will be turned down.

Prepare your scanned copies of your signature and photo in jpeg or png format before beginning your online application. The photo image must have a file size between 50 and 100 KB. The signature image must be between 10 and 50 kilobytes in size.

A candidate may participate in BITSAT 2024 a maximum of twice.

A candidate may apply "BOTH" (BITSAT Sessions 1 and 2). If an applicant has taken the BITSAT twice, admission will be based on the better of the two results.

Applicants must register using a working phone number and email address.

The BITSAT application procedure will involve several phases, including registration, application form completion, image uploading, online fee payment, and application form printing.

Upon submitting their application, candidates are recommended to print their application form and proof of payment for future reference. (The application form will be generated by the system and assigned a unique number before you print it out. This number should be noted down because it will be needed for all upcoming correspondence.)

During the rectification facility, candidates can make changes to their BITSAT application.

Qualifications for BITSAT 2024

Candidates must have passed the 12th examination of the 10+2 system from a recognized Central or State board, or its equivalent, with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and adequate proficiency in English to be admitted to any of the First Degree programs at BITS, except B.Pharm.(Hons.).

Candidates must have passed the 12th exam of the 10+2 system from an accredited Central or State board, or its equivalent, with a minimum of competency in English and a passing grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to be admitted to the B.Pharm. (Hons.) program. Candidates with PCM may, nevertheless, still apply to the pharmacy program.

Class 12 BITSAT Score: To qualify, a candidate must have received at least 60% in each of the subjects of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology in their 12th examination. If they took mathematics in BITSAT, they must have received at least 75% of their total score in that subject. If they took biology, they must have received at least 75% of their total score in that subject.

The only students who can take the BITSAT 2024 test are those who are taking the 12th exam in 2024 or who passed the exam in 2023.

Direct Admission to Class 12 Board Toppers: By the previously stated qualifying requirements, top-ranking candidates from both central and state boards in India will be granted direct admission to the program of their choosing, regardless of their BITSAT score.

The total number of BITS seats

Around 2000 seats at the three BITS campuses—BITS Pilani, BITS Hyderabad, and BITS Goa—are up for grabs through the BITSAT exam. All of the leading engineering specialties, including computer science and engineering, electronics and communication, etc., have admissions available at BITS.

Fee for BITSAT 2024 Applications

Exam centers in India and Nepal: Candidates who opt to retake the BITSAT will be required to pay an additional fee of Rs. 4400 for female candidates and Rs. 5400 for male candidates. Candidates who initially want to participate in just one session (Session 1) will be required to pay a fee of Rs. 2900 for female candidates and Rs. 3400 for male candidates. Such a candidate will be required to pay an additional amount of Rs. 2000 (for male candidates) and Rs. 1500 (for female candidates) if they decide to apply to appear a second time (in Session 2).

For the exam center in Dubai: The application fee for both male and female candidates would be Rs. 7000 (INR) for session 1 only. However, the prescribed price for both male and female candidates would be Rs. 9000 (in Indian rupees) if they wish to attend both sessions.

BITSAT 2024 Exam Pattern

The only format for the BITSAT 2024 exam will be computer-based online. English and logical reasoning questions will be asked in addition to math, physics, and chemistry. The BITSAT Online Test lasts for three hours in total.

Physics: 30 questions total, each worth three marks.

Chemistry: 30 questions in total, each worth three marks.

Maths: 40 questions total, each worth three marks.

English: Ten questions in all, at three marks each.

Logical Reasoning: 20 questions total, each worth three marks.

Negative marking: An inaccurate response results in the loss of one mark.

A candidate has the option to complete 12 additional questions after answering all 130 questions.

BITSAT Exam Pattern: An Overview of the New Exam Pattern

FAQs about BITSAT 2024

Are there two attempts for BITSAT?

Yes, just like JEE Main, BITSAT offers two attempts every year. The time between the first and second BITSAT attempts is about one month.

How often can we administer the BITSAT test?

A candidate is eligible to take the BITSAT Session-1 and Session-2 exams twice a year. Those who passed their class 12 examination in 2023 or are scheduled to take it in 2024 are eligible to take the BITSAT.

Is the JEE score accepted by BITS?

No, BITS-Pilani does not consider the JEE result for admitting students to its engineering programs.

After 12, can droppers still give BITSAT?

Yes, those who drop out of class after 12 are allowed to take the BITSAT entrance exam after one year.

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