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SAT Coaching with a Guaranteed Score Improvement

We compare the official test score you earned after completing your program with us for the same test to your baseline starting score on the same test, which can be either:

Your most recent official test score for the same test that you achieved before the start of your test preparation program with us, or the score you received on the first practice test you took as part of that program for the same test.

The score guarantee maps from the lowest diagnostic test score acquired to the highest score improvement possibility in the enhanced range.

Section Questions for SAT Exam Preparation Course Structure

SAT Reading has 52 multiple-choice questions.
SAT Writing and Language 44 multiple-choice questions
SAT Math 20 (no calculator) (15 multiple choice and 5 student response questions)
Yes Calculator - SAT Math 38 questions (30 multiple choices and 8 student responses)

Masterclass Space also having the Best SAT Classes in New Jersey provide you with a personalized program that focuses on your specific strengths and limitations. Our SAT programs are designed to accommodate the needs of all types of learners and, more importantly, to help students achieve their goals.

The College Board developed the SAT to evaluate students applying for admission to US schools and institutions. It is divided into two parts: maths and combined evidence-based reading and writing. The optional essay portion receives a separate grade.

In 2016, a new SAT exam format was introduced, with significant modifications to the test structure and criteria. To highlight a few changes, the test now includes a defined sequence of questions, as opposed to the previous edition, which had the questions placed randomly. The maths subject is now divided into two sections. Only one area, however, allows the use of a calculator.

Let's go over some SAT exam ideas and tactics that will help students prepare for and enhance their SAT results.

Practice Exams Using the New Format

This is a crucial SAT exam tip to remember. Practicing in the previous format may not be beneficial. The following are the checkpoints to ensure that the SAT Practise Tests are in the current format:

  1. Check that the test is scored out of 1600 (rather than 2400).
  2. Each question has four (rather than five) response options.
  3. There are no analogy issues.
  4. Examine the Best SAT Prep Books
  5. The Official SAT Study Guide (Official New SAT Study Guide)
This College Board handbook is aligned with the current SAT structure and includes:

  1. The maths and evidence-based reading and writing components are described in detail.
  2. Each SAT question type has its own set of practice questions.
  3. Advice on the new optional essay, with sample replies to practice essay questions.
Masterclass Space’s SAT study strategies, and access to premium online supplements. It includes:

Comprehensive content review for each test portion

a) Tips for Writing an Optional Essay

Exclusive online access to premium content

A decent SAT approach to follow is to begin your SAT prep early, with a test a week from the book:

  1. The book includes ten full-length SAT practice exams.
  2. Over 1,500 questions with thorough response explanations
  3. 9 examples of extra essay prompts and one experimental part
  4. Self-scoring reports assist in assessing and tracking test performance to monitor one's learning progress and increase practice test results regularly.
b) SAT Math Preparation

  1. Understand and Recall the Concepts
  2. Spend more time studying the concepts you are finding difficult.
  3. Write and rewrite until you have the principles down pat and are ready to tackle any Maths issue based on those concepts.
  4. Write down and revise the steps to the correct answer for every question you get wrong.
  5. Follow this SAT study tip to understand the reasoning behind the correct answer. For instance, if there are 50 distinct sorts of arithmetic problems, practice them all using this method. You should be able to complete these issues correctly every time by the end of your practice.
c) Numbers and Variables

You can avoid algebra entirely when the questions contain variables and the answer choices contain numbers. Input the numbers from the solution selections into the original algebraic equation to check if the problem is solved. This SAT technique works well on the New SAT's radioactive decay and exponential growth problems.

d) Deep Reading Practise for the SAT Reading Section

Develop the habit of reading large sections as an SAT study approach. Reading long texts has become difficult as attention spans have decreased in the real world, especially owing to social media. Practice reading non-fiction material without missing out on important information to acquire accustomed to reading well.

e) Context is essential.

Reading texts without paying attention to the context may result in wrong replies. Reading a word alone in a question and wasting time hunting for it in the material may frequently lead to you having to read back and forth to figure out the answer. To be certain of answering a question accurately, read the entire passage carefully.

For example, if a question refers to a specific line in a text to determine the meaning of a word, simply reading that line will not suffice. It is critical to comprehend the context in which the word has been used to reach the correct response. To get the correct conclusion, one must read a few paragraphs before and after it. Less reading leads to more assumptions, which can leave you with unanswered questions.

f) The SAT Writing and Language Exam

The purpose of the test is to see how well you can review and modify chunks of text. Each of the four passages will be accompanied by 11 questions.

The questions assess students' ability to improve subject development and information and idea organization.

g) Charts and graphs

The writing and language test may include one or more tables, graphs, or charts as a supporting point relating to the theme of the passage to add complexity to its passages or questions. Such texts may include questions that require you to utilize the information in the graphs to rectify a factual error in the paragraph or to replace the vague description in the book with a more accurate one using specific numbers. The questions will not need you to make changes to the graph itself. Such questions assess a student's ability to understand and appropriately portray factual information in the language.

Depending on your strengths and shortcomings, you can modify your SAT tactics. Following these SAT examinations and study recommendations, focus on your strong points first, then invest more time in strengthening your weak points through regular practice and review.

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