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What AP Courses And Exams Are The Simplest? A Generic Guide

Find the "easiest" AP classes with more lenient study requirements to get college credit for taking those courses.

  • Choosing which AP courses are "easy" and "hard" is a personal decision.
  • High pass rate AP classes typically have fewer challenging reading assignments.
  • The level of difficulty of AP courses and tests is influenced by numerous factors.
  • A simple AP course does not necessarily mean a simple exam; the opposite is also true.

Which AP classes are the easiest and toughest can be determined by a variety of factors. These variables include the quantity and type of course material, as well as a student's academic talents and limitations.

Remember that determining which AP courses are simple requires judgment. In classrooms where they perform well and are particularly interested in the material, students frequently perform well.

Even though no one number can truly capture the degree of difficulty of an AP course, a high pass rate offers a place to start when limiting the available course alternatives. While looking for the simplest AP programs, students can also investigate areas of interest, take self-study classes, and enroll in rapid study courses.

Top 10 AP Classes with the Highest Exam Pass Rate

When determining which AP subjects could be the simplest, students can consider a variety of things. Exam pass rates and the percentage of students who receive perfect scores on exams are useful metrics to take into account when assessing the difficulty of a particular course.

Students may perceive a class as being relatively "easy" if it has a higher percentage of students receiving a passing score of 3 or above and a top score of 5.

AP Seminar, AP Research, and AP Art and Design classes were not included since they are specialized and portfolio-based rather than exam-based. Not beginners or newcomers, but students with expertise in building a portfolio over time are the target audience for AP Art and Design classes. Because students may take language classes across several years or be fluent speakers, we also disqualified AP Language classes from our analysis.

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1. Physics C: Mechanics

Math and science-inclined students may be best suited for this subject. In addition to being intellectually brilliant, the typical Physics C: Mechanics student is well prepared for the test. An extremely high pass rate and a perfect score rate above 40% are the effects of this.

AP Students who want to major in physics, math, or engineering should take Physics C: Mechanics as well as Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism. In this course, practical labs are combined with lectures on subjects including kinematics, Newton's laws, particle systems, and linear momentum.

2. BC Calculus

AP Because so many of its students are proficient in the subject, Calculus BC has developed a reputation as an easy AP course. A high success rate is made possible by the fact that the majority of AP Calculus BC students perform at a high level, at least one year ahead of their high school maths class.

Calculus principles and functions at the collegiate level for differential and integral equations are covered. The exam has both multiple-choice and free-range questions, and it lasts about three hours. Both in person and digitally, it is administered.

3. AP Literature in Spanish

For students who are fluent in the language, study in Spanish literature is frequently simpler. This course has a high pass rate since native speakers can obtain "easy" college credit; yet, literary analysis can still be challenging for certain students, even if they are fluent.

Six key literary topics in Spanish are commonly covered in the course material, along with reading comprehension. The test is divided into two portions with multiple-choice questions and one with a free-response portion that contains essay questions and a text-based prompt.

4. Electricity and Magnetism in Physics C

This subject, which is frequently taken in conjunction with Physics C: Mechanics, is a suitable choice for students who want to enroll in a college-level math or engineering program. However, like other advanced tests, the AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism boasts an extremely high pass rate in part because test-takers typically have taken several physics courses.

This course, which has its roots in calculus, examines issues including force interactions, change, and conservation. The coursework also consists of practical laboratories. Electromagnetism, magnetic fields, conductors, capacitors, and dielectrics are among the five weighted content units that are covered in the exam.

5. Physics 2.

Physics 2 differs from other AP Physics courses in that it is based on algebra rather than calculus and is lengthier (a year as opposed to six months). The ability to spend more time on various topics may aid students in better understanding the subject matter, which may contribute to the relatively high pass rate. At least 25% of the AP Physics 2 course's content is lab-based and hands-on. Multiple-choice and free-response questions on subjects like experimental design, mathematical solutions, and quantitative/qualitative translation can be found on the three-hour Physics 2 exam.

6. Fundamentals of computer science

This course is frequently chosen by aspiring computer science majors who want to understand fundamental computing concepts. AP Computer Science Principles has manageable study requirements, making it an easier AP course.

A multiple-choice exam that serves as the course's final assessment accounts for 70% of a student's final grade. The exam also includes a "performance task" component where candidates must create a computer program in just 12 hours.

7. Psychology AP

Due to its relatively straightforward course material, psychology continues to preserve its reputation as an "easy" study. Students work on assignments, exams, and quizzes all year long to get ready for the final.

The AP Psychology exam can be taken digitally or on paper by students. The two-hour exam includes a free-response component as well as multiple-choice questions, and it covers material including psychological case studies, theory, and quantitative data.

8. Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A enhances students' grasp of Java programming languages, including authoring, testing, and analyzing code. It has a pass rate that is only marginally lower than AP Computer Science Principles. The "old standard" among students hoping to major in computer science is this course.

The three-hour exam has sections for multiple-choice questions and free-response questions. Exams can be taken digitally or on paper by students. Writing program code, method and control structures, and 2D arrays are some of the subjects addressed.

9. Comparative Politics and Government

AP Comparative Government and Politics examines the differences and similarities between the political structures of nations including China, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, and the UK. Each of these governments receives a brief mention in the curriculum. Many students believe that the coursework is not as challenging as the AP U.S. Government course.

Political organizations, party, and election systems, as well as political involvement and culture, are some of the topics covered in the course and test. The 2.5-hour test includes both multiple-choice and free-response questions and is available in paper and digital formats.

10. AP Theory of Music

For experienced music students, music theory is often an easier course to take. The AP Music Theory curriculum is often simple for aspiring musicians and composers.

The test consists of written free-response questions and multiple-choice questions. A sight-singing component is also included, and it contributes 10% of your final grade. The test must be finished at a school or other proctored facility and lasts for two hours and forty minutes.

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