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Big 3 Variations between AB and BC in AP Calculus!

Course AB comes first in the calculus sequence, followed by Course BC. For some reason, many students interpret this to suggest that BC follows directly after AB. No, unfortunately, that is not the case. AB is an excellent primer. The only difference between AB and BC is that the latter covers more ground in the same amount of time thanks to its emphasis on more advanced ideas. BC covers a wider range of interests and provides more stuff to learn. So, when comparing AP Calculus AB to AP Calculus BC, what are the key differences? Keep reading to know.

How do AP Calculus AB and BC differ?

1. The rigor of the AP Exam

The BC exam is more challenging than the AB exam in high school because it covers more material. Approximately two-thirds of the material taught in the first two semesters of calculus at American universities is covered in Calculus AB. Those who score well on the Calculus AB exam typically enter university with a place in the second semester's Calculus II course. It is reasonable to compare Calculus BC to the first and second semesters of calculus at an American university. Students who score well on the Calculus BC exam typically enroll in Calculus III/Multivariable Calculus in their first year of college.

Test difficulty is a reflection of how universities' credit systems work. For instance, students who are accepted to MIT typically receive 5 points on the AP Calculus BC test because of its widespread acceptance at top universities.

2. Pace of the course

Calculus AB requires a full year of study to cover all of its material. Calculus BC, on the other hand, typically covers everything in Calculus AB during the first semester, then moves on to additional topics during the second semester. Because the exam times for Calculus AB and Calculus BC overlap, students can only select one of the two within the same academic year: AB or BC. Masterclass Space’s Best AP Calculus AB Online Classes promote college-level academic ability. It gets you ready for the rigorous academic atmosphere of college before you ever get there.

3. Student wants and needs

Students who intend to study biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, or engineering at the university level will benefit from taking AP Calculus BC. Consider studying AP Calculus BC if you have a solid grasp of mathematics and are interested in a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Take AP Calculus AB if you don't have a solid mathematics background or if you want to pursue a liberal arts degree. Taking AP Calculus AB Coaching will still provide you with a foundation in calculus that will prepare you for college-level work in mathematics. Taking Masterclass Space's Best AP Calculus BC Online Classes has been shown to boost applicants' chances of getting into their preferred college. Having Advanced Placement courses on your transcript will give you an edge over other applicants.

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