SAT coaching courses in Singapore

Are you looking for SAT coaching courses in Singapore We have assisted a vast number of students in improving their SAT scores.

The fact that students can select one subject or all subjects at once is the best aspect of Masterclass Space SAT Coaching.

The following features are standard for all SAT Courses in all of our live and interactive SAT Coaching classes in Singapore.

SAT Course Features:

Take a look at the course features Masterclass Space offers:

Interactive & Live:

For SAT Coaching, fully live and online classes with one-on-one interaction are available. There are possibilities for 30 hours, 75 hours, 90+ hours, and more in all real-time, live sessions. They are supported by Study Guides, Test Series, Practice SAT Papers from the College Board, and Classes for Doubt Clearing.

Highly Skilled Faculty:

Masterclass Space offers you a team of the most qualified and experienced SAT instructors, including former students of the IIT's, Bits Pilani and IIM's. Our faculty are chosen through a thorough screening procedure in which we take into consideration their topic knowledge, conceptual grasp, and teaching style.

Study Material:

SAT Subject Courses include all of the necessary SAT Subject Study Material, allowing students to concentrate solely on what is required to achieve a perfect score of 1600. Along with regular live lessons, SAT General Courses provide students with official SAT Papers and thorough Solutions for practice.

Online Test Series:

The SAT Live Test Series consists of tests that are taken at regular intervals as the course progresses. The format will be three hours of MCQs, exactly like SAT II exams. Throughout the entire test series, you will be diagnosed with more than 6500 issues.

Evaluation Reports:

On the SAT topic, you are being taught, you are evaluated every day. The test must be taken before it expires.

Online Test Series:

Online Test Series: SAT Live Test Series are exams done regularly as the course progresses. The format will be three hours of MCQs, similar to how SAT Exams are administered. Unlimited problems will be presented to you for diagnosis during the full exam series.

Reports of Evaluation:

Every day, you are evaluated on the SAT subject you are studying. Before the test expires, you must take it.

Special Query Sessions:

SAT Special Query Sessions (Doubt Classes) allow students unsure of clarifying their doubts during the live sessions and after taking the SAT Online Test Series.

Videos that are accessible:

If you cannot attend the SAT sessions in person, you will still have access to all video recordings.

Downloads for the SAT:

It's very vital to familiarise yourself with the SAT before taking the test, and this is the general SAT repository, which includes SAT E-Books, Practice Papers, and College Essay material.

SAT Coaching centres in Singapore - Masterclass Space. Why?

The list is endless if you need more justification to sign up with Masterclass Space. The zeniths of Masterclass Space are as follows:

Professional Faculty

The greatest impact on students' learning and development is made by their teachers. Additionally, there is no alternative to a trained and knowledgeable instructor. As a result, Masterclass Space offers its students a faculty that is made up of the most skilled and experienced individuals. Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Stanford, and Maryland are the alma maters of our professors.

The majority of SAT instructors are graduates of prestigious engineering schools like IITs/BITS Pilani, Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Stanford, and Maryland, and they have the best knowledge of the SAT preparation process.

SAT instructors are chosen for the Live lessons after a thorough recruitment process that takes into account their topic expertise, conceptual understanding, and teaching methodology, all of which should make it simple for students to comprehend and apply the concepts.

The SAT faculty panel will be expanded in response to demand, and Masterclass Space will make sure that they are prepared correctly in the technological aspects of Live classes to maximise the students' time through their instruction, prompt administration of tests, and exchange of course materials.

All SAT teachers make an effort to stay current with any changes to the SAT or other exam patterns, and Masterclass Space takes care to keep them informed of any new information or subject-specific requirements.

Sessions for one-on-one SAT mentoring

The students would often need SAT coaching about their preparation based on the assessment in the examinations and class participation.

One member of the SAT faculty will serve as a student's mentor, ensuring that the student makes progress in the course and supporting him or her in managing stress and anxiety.

Less emphasis will be placed on academics during the SAT Coaching sessions in Singapore and more on general preparation techniques, strategies, and personal development, as well as which courses should be prioritised.

Parents may participate in the mentoring session if they wish to receive an accurate assessment of their ward's progress and to learn about the future goals for raising her score.

The purpose of SAT Coaching Prep is to prepare students for their future aspirations and help them concentrate on their academics without falling behind in a competitive environment.

Tests to Prepare for the SAT

The development of the curriculum and the results of the SAT Live Test Series examinations conducted at regular intervals help determine a student's advancement and success on a test.

It pinpoints a student's areas of strength and weakness and compares his or her performance to that of peers from all over India and other nations.

The students will take mock SAT exams during the academic term on dates that have been set in advance.

The test's syllabus will be known in advance, and it can be taken anytime within those 24 hours.

The purpose of the SAT periodic tests is to help students overcome their test-related anxiety and apprehension by introducing them to the test-taking process with fewer chapters while preparing them for future difficulties that will be more difficult.

The students will have a one-on-one SAT mentorship and advice session with a faculty member following the full syllabus examinations to discuss their progress about their plan and to make plans for the following year while keeping their expectations in mind.

Importance of SAT preparation courses by Masterclass Space

  • Learn both Core and Fundamental Concepts, and develop the capacity to supplement what is taught at home with additional online practice, drills, and lectures.
  • Prepare with other top-scoring students globally, which will lead to an appraisal of understanding on a global scale.
  • The teacher-led interactive class will broaden students' perspectives on other cultures and improve their ability to communicate on a global scale.
  • Students who are committed to the subject will mostly become inspired by it and develop aspirations for their future careers.
  • Our SAT Test Prep Courses will assist students in getting ready for that experience, adjusting to the test and its quirks, and providing practice. Their practice begins as soon as the clock expires.
Thanks to its exceptional teachers who have a plethora of educational expertise, Masterclass Space offers the best SAT Exam coaching in Singapore. For more information about starting your SAT preparation in Singapore, email