Admission Consulting for Study Abroad

Admission consultancy services for Universities in London

It can be difficult and intimidating to navigate the university application process. The first steps towards this endeavour can frequently discourage others rather than inspire them to pursue it, despite the excitement of beginning the adventure towards higher education; achieving skills, knowledge, and the countless future opportunities that a degree can offer.

Admission consultancy services for Universities in London

Potential students can select the best course for them with the assistance of the Student Support Team through our steadily expanding variety of university partners throughout the UK: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds, Swansea, and online. Prospective students may apply with or without credentials and work experience depending on the university course they wish to enrol in.

After asking, these simple steps are taken:

1 - You will hear from a student advisor

This is a friendly discussion about you only!

Included are the academic program you want to pursue, your address, the paperwork we require to apply on your behalf, and any inquiries you may have regarding our offerings.

All entry requirements, including a CV, ID, personal statement, and proof of address, will be sent via email. Depending on the deadline, documents should be submitted in 3-5 working days.

Please contact our student support team if you require assistance editing your resume and personal statement.

2- You'll hear from our admissions team.

scheduling and preparing for interviews!

The admissions team will handle your application once all the paperwork has been received and reviewed, setting up a time for the interview between you and the university. It's crucial to communicate! To make sure your application goes smoothly, you will receive calls and emails from the university as well as our admissions team at Platinum.

Your questions and concerns will be addressed, and they will help you get ready for the interview process.

3- Finishing the University Application Process

completing your application before beginning your course!

You will get an email from the university with your results following the interview.

If you are accepted, you can submit an online application for Student Finance (government funding) to assist you in paying your course tuition. By responding to the email or logging into the university's portal with your specific login information, you must accept the offer from the university.

Some universities have enrolment requirements that include completing online inductions, attending campus-based induction sessions, or participating in university portal activities. Be mindful of these guidelines and follow them as directed within the deadlines.

4- Beginning your academic career

After completing all of these, you are responsible for the remaining steps.

If you have any questions before beginning, you can still reach our Student Support Team and Admissions Team. However, after enrolling in the university, the students will have access to contact information for the Admissions Support and Student Support departments there.

In the unlikely event that your application is rejected, we will try to place you at a different university.

UK admission consultancy services by Masterclass Space

We help you write your statement, walk you through the university application process, and can assist you in choosing between offers. If you do not accept our request for your Firm or Insurance Choice, we will support you before and during Clearing or Adjustment.

Additional mentoring would be provided for Oxbridge and medical school applicants to increase your child's chances of being accepted to the most selective UK universities.

Consultants for university admissions applications in London and the UK. Your University Placement Admission Consulting for Study Abroad in London and the UK, Masterclass Space, can assist you.

Our internal team includes our education consultants as permanent members. They collaborate with a larger network of highly effective and inspiring head teachers, sixth-form directors, Oxbridge admissions tutors, and US university experts. Together, we truly do understand the system better than anyone else and can offer you helpful advice on all matters of education, from selecting the best London nursery to securing admission to prestigious independent schools and universities.

If your child is working with a tutor or not, you can always use our education consulting service. Our staff also handles the small stuff, like your application forms. Many families have come to rely on their education consultant as a sounding board for every decision they make regarding their child's educational path.

We don't have set packages because, as education consultants who care about your higher education options, we want to give you individualized service that fits your needs and budget. To meet your needs, we provide online, part-time, and full-time degree program options. Possess the choice of studying solely online, two days per week, or utilizing a blended learning strategy. You can get help from the Platinum Education Services staff in identifying the best teaching strategy for you!

We recognize that studying abroad can be intimidating for prospective international students, which is why we strive to assist anyone considering enrolling in a UK university, whether it be in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, or anywhere else.

You can apply with your work experience or qualifications and study two days a week, in the evening or on the weekend, or online. We offer support to start university degree programs that are 100% government-funded by student finance for UK residents (which includes British Citizens, EU settled, Indefinite leave to remain, refugee status, and spouse visa). Furthermore, we can provide academic support as you pursue your degree, whether it be at the foundational, undergraduate, or postgraduate levels. Check out our courses or learn more here.

Our Strategy for Admissions to Oxford

The more prepared your child is, the more likely they are to do themselves justice if they are working toward an Oxbridge application. We introduce specific specialists for each stage of Oxbridge applications with multiple levels of assessment. A dedicated consultant oversees the application process.

We will first assist you in selecting the colleges to which you should submit applications. We'll then introduce a qualified Oxbridge admissions tutor to assist your child with the TSA, LNAT, BMAT, and CAT entrance exams as well as other Oxford and Cambridge entrance exams.

Your kid will receive excellent personal statement writing assistance from tutors. This means a statement that highlights your child's natural character, and passions, and refers to all of their wider engagement beyond their sixth-form academics rather than just "ticking all the boxes"—something Oxbridge admissions tutors see right through. Tutors assist students in getting the most out of their SAQ for Cambridge applications.

Preparation for the infamous Oxbridge interview process comes next. To prepare applicants for the possibility of being interviewed by several colleges, we always suggest conducting several mock interviews with a variety of tutors.

Mock interviews are a great way to get experience and make mistakes before it matters. They're also a great opportunity to learn some tips and tricks that will come in handy on the big day, like drinking water strategically to buy yourself some time to reflect.

Each family we work with has a dedicated consultant who will coordinate the application process, arrange for specialized tutors, and be available to you and your child should you have any questions.

Our team at Masterclass Space is available if you need additional student advice, are considering applying to college, or want to recommend someone to start college. We recognize that the university experience can be challenging at times. For more information, visit our website or send an email to!