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A complete guide on the 2024 Digital SAT- All that you need to know about it

SAT vs ACT Exam: What is the Difference? Testing is entering a new age! The College Board is introducing an equalization package for the SAT following several years of debate. First among these is that international students will now take the exam digitally. Students outside of the US will take the exam digitally starting in March 2024, as opposed to on paper. Numerous further adjustments are also being implemented. What to anticipate from the new SAT is as follows.

The Digital SAT: What is it?
In the US, standardised tests like the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) are frequently taken for college admissions.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College Board, the organisation that oversees the SAT, recently released a digital version of the exam. This new test is administered electronically instead of using pencil and paper, and its format and content are intended to be as close to the classic paper-based SAT as feasible.

The goal of the digital SAT is to give students a flexible testing alternative during the epidemic and to make sure they can still take the test in the event that in-person testing is not feasible.

What's Driving the SAT's Change?
In the past few years, the SAT has faced a good deal of difficulties and criticism. The exam is sometimes criticized for being irrelevant or for favouring wealthy students over underprivileged and minority students. Many colleges decided to make the SAT optional in order to refute these claims. The pandemic caused testing centres to close, which made matters worse. Fortunately, however, the College Board—the company that creates and delivers these exams—heard the concerns and is implementing some constructive adjustments.

Eight changes to the SAT for 2024
● The SAT is going digital.
All of the SAT Suite's college admission exams, including the PSAT and SAT, are now available digitally.
Students can bring their computing devices from home or take the exam on a computer at the testing centre (however some testing centres or schools may compel you to take the test on their computers exclusively). For students who require a computer or laptop to take the SAT, the College Board will lend them one. You won't be deprived of time on the test if the internet goes down while you're taking the SAT because your work will be preserved.

According to Priscilla Rodriguez, the vice president of Academic Readiness Assessments at the College Board, "the digital SAT will be easier to take, easier to administer, and more relevant." We're making the most of the opportunities that come with delivering an assessment digitally, not just porting the present SAT onto a new platform. We are making adjustments based on feedback from teachers and students to make sure we can continue to meet their changing requirements.

US pupils can take the online PSAT in 2024 and the online SAT in 2024; international students will be able to take the SAT online in March 2024. In a test pilot study, almost 80 percent of high school students reported that taking the SAT online was less stressful than taking it in person. Furthermore, according to the College Board, every instructor involved in the pilot program had a favourable experience.

● Results will be released more quickly.
Scores for the new exam will be made available to students days, not weeks after they take it. The current turnaround time for SAT results is two to six weeks, with the colleges you choose for your four free score results receiving their findings approximately ten days after you do. Students can now take the SAT later in the academic year and still have their results released ahead of schedule thanks to the new policy.

● Rather than three hours, the testing process will last two hours.
The College Board has stated that they will be cutting the SAT by one full hour, although they have not yet disclosed the precise format of the new exam.

● More time will be allotted to each question.
Once more, not much is known about this alteration at this time. These averages will increase since students now have between 47 and 1 minute and 26 seconds to complete each SAT question, depending on the section.

● Reading passage lengths will decrease
Shorter reading passages spanning a wider range of topics representative of the books students read in college will be included in the digital test, with one question linked to each section.
Six texts of 500–750 words each are included in the SAT Reading section. There are roughly ten questions associated with each passage.

● Calculators are permitted during the whole Maths portion.
SAT Currently, maths is divided into two sections: one where calculators are allowed and one where they are not. Every maths question on the digital SAT will have an onscreen calculator available.

● More details on educational options will be available to students
The updated SAT score reports will include details on other educational options. They will put students in touch with resources and information regarding career alternatives, workforce training programmes, and nearby two-year colleges.

● The SAT is going to be easier.
In the case of the current paper-and-pencil SAT, a single compromised test form may result in the cancellation of administrations or scores for an entire class of students. Exam security is increased because each student who takes the test digitally will receive a unique form, making answer sharing nearly impossible.
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Four Unchanged Facts about the SAT
Even with all of the exciting improvements, there are some SAT principles that won't change. Below are a handful of them:
1. The exam's 1,600 scale will not change.
2. Students are still not permitted to take exams at home; they must still take them in a testing facility.
3. At the exam centre, the examination will be administered by a proctor.
4. The College Board National Recognition Programmes and grants will remain available to students enrolled in the SAT Suite

Will It Be Easier to Take the Digital SAT?
It is uncertain that the SAT's digital edition will be more difficult or simpler than its paper counterpart. The goal is to maintain as much similarity as possible between the paper-based and digital test versions in terms of format, content, and scoring. According to the College Board, the organisation that conducts the SAT, it is dedicated to making sure that, like the traditional exam, the digital version is a legitimate and trustworthy indicator of students' preparation for college.

It is noteworthy that students may face distinct obstacles when taking the digital edition of the SAT in contrast to the traditional version. These issues may include adjusting to taking the test on a computer or utilizing the online testing platform.

These difficulties, meanwhile, have little to do with how tough the test material is. In the end, a number of variables, such as your familiarity with computers and your test-taking techniques and abilities, will determine whether the digital SAT is simpler or more difficult for you personally.

Do certain universities still require tests? For the foreseeable future, at least, some universities will keep making these assessments optional, even with the new digitalized SAT. More than 1,800 schools and universities did not mandate that applicants for the fall 2022 semester take the SAT or ACT, according to the National Centre for Fair & Open Testing. In fall 2024, candidates to at least 1,400 colleges will not be required to take the SAT.

From the current format. Understanding these changes is very crucial.

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