SAT Digital Exam


SAT Digital Exam

The College Board offers a computer-based version of the SAT exam called the "digital SAT." It is intended to last approximately two hours as opposed to the three hours of the conventional paper-and-pencil test. There are two areas on the digital SAT: maths and reading and writing. Students can use the Bluebook testing software to take full-length practice exams to get ready for the digital SAT.

With the help of these adaptive practice exams, students can simulate the entire digital SAT experience. Students can also access a test preview to practice using the tools and experience digital testing. Additionally, Masterclass Space provides official digital SAT preparation materials, such as skill practice and extended practice exams. Students in the United States and other countries can take the digital SAT, which has several exam dates and deadlines all year round. As one component of their comprehensive admissions process, colleges will use digital SAT scores in the same manner that they do paper and pencil scores.


Masterclass Space offers the following advice to assist students in getting the best possible digital SAT score:

Plan and get started early. Select an SAT date that is sufficiently far in advance to give you time to study; ideally, this is two to three months beforehand.

Do a lengthy practice exam and analyze your score. Several full-length digital practice exams are available for free in the Bluebook app from the College Board.

Students who use paper-based accommodations can download linear practice exams and examine them utilizing official materials produced by the College Board and coaching services such as MASTERCLASS SPACE, which offers official SAT preparation customized for pupils.

Determine your target score by comparing it to the middle 50% of SAT scores of the universities on your list of targeted colleges.

Learn how to use the Bluebook app, the official digital SAT testing platform from the College Board. Use the same kind of digital equipment for practice exams as you will on exam day, adhere to the allotted time limitations, and take the test in a quiet place.

To succeed on the digital SAT, apply test-taking practices that work, like time management, reading comprehension, and math problem-solving methods.

Practice on your own, in after-school programs, or under the direction of a teacher.

Students can prepare well for the digital SAT and get the best results by paying attention to these pointers.


The new digital version of the SAT allows for a testing period of around two hours, as opposed to the previous three. Testing on iPads, Chrome books managed by schools, and Mac and Windows devices is supported by the digital testing application.

Students can use the Bluebook testing app, which offers an adaptive experience to imitate the genuine digital SAT, to take full-length practice exams in preparation for the digital SAT exam. In addition, test centers and students can access specialized customer support resources to fix issues, and technology monitors staff help rooms where students can receive troubleshooting suggestions. Colleges will use the results of the digital SAT in the same manner that they use the paper version, and the digital SAT will continue to assess the same knowledge and abilities. Students can register online for the digital SAT weekend administration in the spring, as well as for the entire 2023–2024 testing year. Both domestic and foreign students can take the SAT digitally.

Pupils can use the Digital SAT Platform provided by Masterclass Space, a global education and international entrance consultancy firm, to help them get ready for the SAT exam. The platform is intended to give students a comprehensive overview of their performance and assist them in taking control of their weakest subjects. The course materials are updated to reflect the changes in the new digital SAT format, and the AI-enabled platform suggests exams based on a student's performance. A Digital SAT Guide, available from Masterclass Space, walks students through every facet of the new digital SAT, including the significant modifications made by the College Board. Additionally, the guide offers advice on how to study for the test and deal with the new digital SAT.


The three primary sections of the SAT exams are writing, evidence-based reading, and maths. Three hours and fifty minutes are allotted for the optional fifty-minute essay, which makes up the testing period.

The following is a breakdown of each section:

Reading and Writing Based on Evidence:

Reading: 65 minutes, 52 common multiple-choice questions

Writing: 35 minutes, 44 common multiple-choice questions

Maths: 80 minutes, 58 common multiple-choice problems

The essay portion of the SAT was made optional when the format was updated in 2016.

There are 154 multiple-choice questions in the test overall.

Many US colleges and universities use the SAT, which measures critical reading, math, and writing skills, as a prerequisite for admission.


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