6 Steps for Cracking the BITS Entrance Exam Pattern

BITS Entrance Exam Pattern

6 Steps for Cracking the BITS Entrance Exam Pattern The engineering admissions aptitude test at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITSAT) is a tough competitive examination in India. Mentioned as a tough pattern and defiant to standards it requires to operate tactically and application of an exam structure. This prep guide has been designed particularly for those who wish to apply for BHU Pilani, or Goa, or Hyderabad campuses, and will be presenting a step-by-step process to ace the BITSAT 2024 Test Series.

Step 1: Being equipped with the characteristics of the BITSAT Exam Format.

The paramount stage of your preparation ladder is to get into deep details of the BITSAT exam pattern. And you will beat the odds by figuring out the test design which will ultimately allow you to create an efficient study plan.

  1. Exam Structure
    • Duration: 3 hours
    • Mode: Online (Computer-based test)

  2. Sections:
    • Physics: 40 questions
    • Chemistry: 40 questions
    • Mathematics/Biology: 45 questions
    • English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning: 25 questions (15 which + 10 would be)
    • Total Questions: 130
    • Marking Scheme: +3 points for every correct answer, -1 point for every incorrect answer.

Similarly, the BITSAT exam brings an opportunity to attempt 12 extra questions if one gets the chance to finish the put-up of 130 questions within the given time limit. Yet, it may not help in a way if you are unsure about all your options.

Step 2: Articulation of a Study Plan

Having determined the complexity of the indices, now you should work on the most cohesive of the plans for the study. An organized plan will enable you to systematically walk through the syllabus and leave sufficient time for examination of the studied topic.

  1. Creating a Timetable
    • Daily Goals: Have your child break the day's lessons into small targets for each subject. Make sure that your schedule has at least one of your Science courses, Mathematics/Biology, and English & Logical Reasoning.
    • Weekly Review: At the end of every single week, sum up what you have learnt so you can keep a record. Next week you will see what your weak areas are and put more effort on the next week.
    • Mock Tests: With periodic practice tests in the plan take a look at your schedule. Therefore, it is a valuable resource, because it allows self-testing and staying under control during exams.

  2. Subject-wise Preparation
    • Physics and Chemistry: Instead of routine memorization, dive deep to comprehend them. Apply the textbooks like NCERT, HC Verma for Physics, and OP Tandon for Chemistry.
    • Mathematics/Biology: Practice is key. Resolve the possible questions that you can. It is advisable to carry books like RD Sharma for Mathematics and Trueman’s Biology as they are best fit for detailed concepts.
    • English and Logical Reasoning: Read periodicals, novels, and logical reasoning questions from fashionable preparation books.

Step 3: Utilizing Online Resources

As the era of the internet has come to light, online sources are being increasingly used as a relevant tool for your proper readiness. In this last step of your college years, it is useful to plan your lessons and use your class materials.

  1. Online Courses and Tutorials
    • BITSAT-specific Courses: Join the courses of the following discipline for BITSAT (BITS Admission Test).

  2. Online Practice Tests
    • Test Series: Subscribe & get started with the available BITSAT test series on popular platforms like Masterclass Space. The main goal of these tests is to improve you so that in future you can work your way out; instead of getting stuck in the online environment which is like the real-life exam.
    • Previous Year Papers: Go for the previous year's exam material to find out the types of questions you are likely to encounter and what difficulties you might expect.

Step 4: Focus on Time Management

Time control becomes relevant if you are going to the BITSAT exam as the next event. For students, it has become somewhat problematic since they have to deal with 130 questions so they struggle with this because they have to answer all of them. This is a great skill which will require 180 minutes to master undertaken for that period.

  1. Practice Under Timed Conditions
    • Mock Tests: Mock exams as frequently as possible might be tackled with a timing schedule for you. This thereby directly lowers your reaction time and, consequently, your performance improves.
    • Section-wise Timing: Take concrete time windows all the time before the sessions. For instance, each Physics and Chemistry class should have 40 minutes while Mathematics and Biology (50/50), and English and Logical Reasoning will last for 25 minutes.

  2. Speed and Accuracy
    • Fast Calculations: Increase your proneness to doing mental arithmetic speedily by knowing the facts you can remember by heart and good number handling.
    • Reading Comprehension: Do not hurry from the English part and do not be sure that you are as fast and efficient, you will miss a lot of time to finish the test.

Step 5: Regular Revision and Doubt Clearing

Often doubts arise after one course which is why to avoid a lack of understanding, it is vital to regularly go over the concepts and clear the doubts right away.

  1. Regular Revisions
    • Short Notes: Make brief notes on the vital concepts and formulas to get a quick revision.
    • Weekly Revision: Reserve one day a week as a revision day and remove that time from other tasks. This way, you can successfully consolidate your learnings.

  2. Doubt Clearing
    • Study Groups: Find either online study groups or off-campus counterparts where you could discuss difficulties and exchange ideas with other students.
    • Tutors and Mentors: Make sure to ask your tutor or mentor about the topic you are having trouble with.

Step 6: Maintaining Physical and Mental Health

Finally, on the contrary, taking care of both mental and physical aspects is the biggest secret to the success of both the challenging task of preparation and the successful performance at the exam proper.

  1. Physical Health
    • Balanced Diet: Watch out for your calorie portion and recall a balanced diet with momentum.
    • Regular Exercise: Make sure to work out regularly which would make you keep lean and keep stress away.

  2. Mental Health
    • Breaks and Leisure: Ensure that you do not go longer than five minutes without a break during your session. Take part in hobbies or just laugh on other occasions out of school to lower stress.
    • Stress Management: Making mindfulness and meditation your engagement for being ever calm and meditation-oriented is highly recommended.


To face the BITSAT 2024 challenge one needs to put in strategic efforts, maintain his steps and develop a positive frame of mind. Having learnt about the exam pattern, arranging an intricate schedule of study including online sources as well, wisely handling time, revising attentively and staying healthy during the period will take you quite a long way to keep up with your ambition. Recall, perseverance, and above all hard work are the keys to your dream of being part of the toughest BITS campuses. Indeed, that one, decade, is now over. Now it is all in your hands to be focused work harder and appear good for BITSAT-2024!!

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