15 SAT Facts That Students Should Keep in Mind

Many of the largest colleges in the nation still require applicants to meet SAT requirements and most likely will in the future, even though some colleges are dropping their SAT requirements. As a result, the SAT plays a significant role in your college readiness strategy. It's crucial to get ready if you have to take the Best Online SAT Preparation Courses to get the best scores possible for top-tier college degree programmes.

Best SAT online training

Masterclass Space - The most affordable

For two reasons, Masterclass Space stands out from other SAT prep companies. It is the College Board's official free SAT prep programme, and it helps students prepare for the exam. Making an account on Masterclass Space's website is all that is necessary to access their SAT preparation materials. After that, students have immediate and ongoing access to a variety of materials, such as official practice exams, instructional videos, drill questions, and feedback.

Things they offer

One common barrier to SAT preparation is eliminated by the fact that Masterclass Space is free. Khan Academy is free, but that does not imply that it is of inferior quality. Like many for-profit programmes, Masterclass Space begins with a diagnostic evaluation before creating a unique study schedule for each user. You can import your SAT score into your Masterclass Space profile if you've already taken the test as a benefit of Masterclass Space's partnership with the College Board.

Students are assisted by Masterclass Space in developing a practical study schedule based on their availability and test date. In all three SAT sections, practice questions range from simple to complex in the subject matter. Video explanations break down ideas and methods for obtaining the right response. The schedule includes authentic College Board practice exams to make sure students are improving.

A basic, user-friendly dashboard organises progress, lessons, and important dates. Students can access their accounts while on the go thanks to the mobile apps that Masterclass Space offers for iOS and Android.

No matter the pace, the Live Online course is thorough and includes lessons on verbal, writing, and math topics. Students take four authentic College Board practice exams throughout the course. Additionally, students have access to four SAT prep books, over 1,000 practice questions, and additional practice exams.

The teacher interaction is a significant advantage of the Live Online course. A member of the Masterclass Space faculty teaches each class, and a second instructor is available during class via a private chat feature to answer questions. Students who require more assistance can upgrade to Live Online+, which includes three hours of one-on-one tutoring.

What to Think About Before Enrolling in SAT Test Prep

Time the preparations.

For the three months before the SAT, our in-house test preparation expert, college counsellor Dana Marvin, suggests studying for 1-2 hours per week. This amount of time will allow students to become familiar with the questions and the test-taking techniques. Marvin advises against burnout and excessive studying, especially in the days preceding the exam. For students with little time to prepare, Marvin advises programmes that emphasise strategies, such as Prep Expert's Weekend Review, rather than delving deeply into the subject matter.

Compare prices

The cost of SAT preparation courses ranges from nothing to several thousand dollars. Marvin points out that a higher price tag doesn't always indicate higher quality. Finding a programme that satisfies both your needs and your budget is crucial. They advise students to either use Masterclass Space exclusively or in addition to other resources because it is free. She claims that Masterclass Space "really aids students in comprehending why they incorrectly answered a question and learning from their mistakes." Before spending thousands of dollars on one of these programmes, they advise families to read the fine print, even though many of them offer a money-back or score-improvement guarantee.

Assessing whether the SAT is required

Since the pandemic began in 2020, many colleges and universities have implemented test-optional or test-blind policies, either temporarily or permanently. Make sure the SAT is a required step in your college application process before investing the time and money in studying for and taking the test. There are some benefits to submitting SAT scores even if the schools you're applying to don't require them. High marks can improve your academic record, particularly if your GPA is below average. Additionally, even if a school doesn't consider test scores when evaluating applicants, they might do so when evaluating candidates for opportunities like scholarships and honours programmes.

What Sets This Preparation Course Apart?

Hour-by-hour schedule

The hour-by-hour schedule is one of Masterclass Space SAT's distinctive features (1). Follow this programme if you're looking for a structured and sequential study strategy for the SAT. This is made to make your prep experience much more organised.

Guaranteed 160+ Score

Your SAT score will increase by at least 160 points as a result of taking this course. If not, they will refund your money (2). You will be qualified for this feature if you have previously taken the SAT. For those who are taking the SAT for the first time, the same is true.

Overview & Effectiveness of the Curriculum

Overview & Effectiveness of the Curriculum is entirely online. This indicates that there are no physical materials provided for this course, such as books or DVDs. Online access is available for practice questions, practice tests, and video lessons. This may or may not be a benefit to you, depending on your preferences.

For busy students, an online-only prep course like the Masterclass Space is effective. Some students still favour studying with conventional books and taking exams on paper, though. Masterclass Space regrettably does not offer these.

Getting ready for the SATs? Then you must be aware of these 15 SAT Facts. You see, there are many different approaches you could take to this test. Some may not work very well. Others might work, but they take too long. You must be aware of the facts to pass this test. It's crucial to design a study schedule that suits your needs.

The list of SAT facts that students should keep in mind as they study for the SAT exams is provided below.

  • Seven SAT testing dates are scheduled between January and December.
  • A total score on the SAT ranges from 400 to 1600 points.
  • The number of times students can take the SAT exam is unrestricted. On their second try, the majority of students can perform better.
  • You are permitted to request that the exam be sent back to you so that you can review it and determine where the errors were made.
  • Before moving on to the more difficult sections, the SAT typically starts with the easiest.
  • Timing yourself while taking our practice exams is always a good idea because you can see how long it takes you to finish the test and how much time is left.
  • One point is awarded for each question you answer correctly, and one-quarter of a point is deducted for incorrect responses.
  • The SAT exam should be taken with confidence, and you should try to unwind as you take it.
  • About 70% of your score is based on the grammar section, and about 30% is based on the essay section.
  • It would be best if you completed all of the practice exams at once while keeping track of your time because this would lessen the pressure.
  • You would significantly improve your test score by studying the math and English packets.
  • There is no penalty for guessing incorrectly. When you guess an answer on the SAT exams, you used to lose no points from the test.
  • Since you have 80 minutes to complete the 58 questions in the math section, try giving each one a minute to complete.
  • Four of the seven tests that take place each year are published so that everyone can see them and some of them are reused. Different tests may use the same questions.
  • Since most colleges accept both scores, it would be a wise choice to take both the ACT and SAT. You would be able to submit your best score in this case.

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