Undergraduate Admission to Stanford University

Important facts about Stanford University and our counseling for Undergraduates

Undergraduate Admission to Stanford University What to expect in Stanford admissions?

So every year Stanford receives more than 7000 applications for their Undergraduate Admission Programs from all across the world but the acceptance rate for enrollment is as low as 5%. The average SAT score ranges between 1420-1570 and the ACT score between 31-35. Find out more about the SAT and ACT with us at Masterclass Space. Stanford is said to be the combination of both MIT Sloan and Harvard, therefore, it is obvious that the bar for admission is set a bit higher. The University supports various programs, but the core focus and priority are Systems science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Hence, if STEM is your field and area of interest then Stanford should be your first target.

What makes Stanford one of its kind?

It is a well-known fact that getting into Stanford is not a cakewalk. It is something that demands persistence and consistency. There is something different with Stanford which is one of a kind. So, it is their accomplished professional approach, their amazing alumni, and their focus-driven attitude. Some other factors about Stanford:


Stanford University is a group of seven universities:

● School of Energy, earth and environmental sciences

● School of engineering

● School of humanities and science

● Graduate school of business

● Graduate school of education

● School of law

● School of medicine

All these schools focus on different fields and disciplines. but there is a catch here, out of these seven schools only three schools offer undergraduate programs and those three schools are the School of Energy, earth and Environmental Sciences, School of Engineering, and School of humanities and Science.

When it comes to the best courses offered by Stanford, it is always science and technology. There are a plethora of courses and programs offered:

● Aeronautics and astronautics

● Chemical engineering

● Civil engineering

● Software engineering

● Material science and engineering

● Mechanical engineering

● Biotechnology

● Electrical engineering

There is a ritual that Stanford sticks by and that is interdisciplinary education. The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students get to learn and explore more than one field. This helps them to know various topics and not just remain stuck to one subject.


No doubt that the academics of Stanford are its main attraction, but the extracurriculars they offer are no less. The extracurriculars of Stanford are better than any other university in the United States. They have won various rewards and begged trophies for their extracurricular performances.


Many traditional events are organized throughout the year on a vast scale. There are majorly three events that add more feathers of glory to the hat of Stanford. They are:

● The full moon on the Quad (FMOTQ)

It is one of the longest-running traditions of Stanford. It takes place on the first full moon of the year. It is organized just to introduce the junior batches to their seniors. This is a unique experience in itself and is a good way to build integrity among different batches.

● The Big Game

The big game is a tradition followed by Stanford since 1892. It is a football championship that takes place every year and is held in Stanford in the odd-numbered years and its rival in the even-numbered years.

Financial aid and resources

The best thing you will learn about Stanford is that it follows a practice of need-blind admissions. Blind access is one where the selection is done without considering the applicant's ability to pay. You will be surprised to know that almost half of the students receive need-based financial aid.

Typically there is a criterion set for the students that are, the students from families earning less than $150,000 pay no tuition fees, and the families earning less than $65000 do not need to pay for tuition fees and room. There are many scholarships to provide financial help to deserving students. Know more about these scholarships with our education consultants in California at Masterclass Space.

As far as resources are concerned, you will find abundant resources whether it's the professors the lectures the alumni support the projects the access to the library, and many more. Stanford spends a whopping amount only to provide its students with the best resources that could enhance and groom them as a whole.

What are your chances of getting your application shortlisted?

According to the latest report, Stanford received more than 45000 applications and in such a scenario the chances of selection become very critical due to the increased competition. Hence some of the best tips the experienced undergrad consultants are:

● Make your academics as brilliant as possible.

● Work hard to get good scores on SAT and ACT.

● Work on your extracurriculars

● Make your essays eye-catching and genuine as Stanford places high weight on them.

Masterclass Space approach towards providing the best consultation for undergrad admissions

At Masterclass Space, we prioritize that the students get the best advice and mentorship and guide them personally to keep them motivated throughout their admission journey. We conduct personal mentorship sessions for our students so that they are focused on their goals without stressing too much over things. We have a team of experts who have an experience of more than 5 years in the field of education consulting which allows our students to get a wider and broader picture regarding their concerns.

Our world-class faculty members believe in nurturing and polishing the skills of our students with the best possible knowledge in the most simplified manner. Experienced professionals know about teaching diverse student bases, which is an advantage. The teachers and their classes are not restricted to only specified hours, instead, they are available for the students at any point in time through virtual mediums. questions. A teacher has the responsibility to shape the future of his students hence we do not hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure that they are thorough with the concepts as well as guide and prepare them about the environment they will be exposed to after the admission. We make sure that we give the best knowledge to the students regarding the universities, the courses they provide, and the career paths best suitable for them.


No wonder it is a difficult task to crack a position at Stanford University with the pressure of 12th exams but these tips, time management, determination, and Masterclass Space will lead you toward your dream college in Singapore. Our education consulting team will guide you through the best path to get closer to your dreams. So, if you are looking for the best guidance, best mentors, best test preparations, best support, and best coaching in Singapore, book your free demo session with Masterclass Space now. This is your sign to score a perfect 1600 on your SAT and get into your dream college.

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