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Personalized Guidance from Experienced Professionals

Best GMAT Preparation in Bangalore At Masterclass Space, college application assistance is our specialty for that reason, we take a different touch with every student. Since every student is incomparable, our team of professional admission consultants assists with the identification of individual strengths this individual has posted in the past. We have a team of consultants with degree from MIT, Stanford, Cal Tech, UC Berkeley, Yale, Johns Hopkins university and University of Pennsylvania and over 100 years of consulting experience.

Comprehensive Services for Every Step of the Way

Our services are designed to cover every aspect of the college admissions process:Our services are designed to cover every aspect of the college admissions process:

1. One-on-One Guidance: For each student, we have a college admissions officer, who will advise on such matters as extracurricular activities, writing a personal statement, course choices and college choices. This guarantees that you feel fully supported and attended to from the time that you start the process and the length of time that it takes you to complete it.

2. Unlimited Essay and Resume Reviews: Many times college students come across a task of writing an essay which may at times be challenging. Here, at Masterclass Space, we allow you to make as many alterations as possible for your essays and resume. Expert academic authors of our Ivy League coaching help you to produce a true and sincere statement, which will evoke interest of the admissions officers.

3. Regular Check-Ins and Progress Monitoring: It has an efficient online working model that would facilitate continuous interactions between students, their parents and the counselors. Here we are also tracking the progress that has been made and giving notifications to ensure that progress is being made. This gains support from the open communication image which creates a supportive atmosphere to ease stress between students and parents.

4. Test Preparation Services: Standardized tests’ performance is amongst checklists required in college applications. Sat, act, AP, and other exam preparation services are aimed to reach the highest results of your performance. We have the provision of simulation exams, quiz, and counseling on study timetable.

5. Extracurricular Profile Building: Apart from scores, we assist in improving your extracurricular setup bag. Free time activities are facilitated by our consultants to ensure that you take part in activities of your interest and these in turn help in compiling your college applications.

Specialized MBA Admission Consulting

If you are eyeing the best MBA business schools, you will benefit from our MBA admission consulting. We offer:

- Profile Sculpting: When it comes to such brainstorming, we go straight to the heart of the matter that establishes you as the one and only You.

- Program Matching: We do this because we know up to 12 ‘right-fit’ business schools and ensure you get into the right programs.

- Personalized Timeline Strategy: Our custom-made-timeline enables us to meet all the application deadlines of our clients.

- CV and Essay Assistance: In regards to CV and cover letter help, we give constructive critique for CV, essays, statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation .

- Interview Preparation: The mock interview rounds are an opportunity to prepare for the interview at each of the business schools.

- Visa and Financial Documentation: In regards to formalities that include visa applications and financial support we help with all the necessary paperwork.

Proven Success and Positive Feedback

It therefore should be noted that Cooper has developed this texture over the years organically, with their work speaking for itself. Currently, Masterclass Space has assisted more than 100 students to enroll in some of the best 20 universities in the United States of America in the last one year. The parents and students have always commended our commitment, specialization, and the parent-student approach we apply.

The parent further said, “Aditya and his team mates were very knowledgeable and congenial; they had a major role to play in ensuring that our daughter got the best of preparation and score in SATs; their guidance and teaching were very professional and productive.

Start Your Journey with Confidence

Selecting the right college is a great step, a decision that will influence your further life in many ways. That is why at Masterclass Space, we are here to make such choices easier and help you get ready for further steps. This approach of college admissions consulting includes professional guidance, individual approach, and modern solutions for your dream education.

Visit Masterclass Space (To know how we can help further, you may visit the following website at That is why we have gathered a group of college admissions specialists who are always ready to help you.
Finding a reliable college admissions office has never been easier – simply contact us today! Come let us make your college dreams a reality.