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Top Admission Consulting Services Study abroad counseling, also known as abroad education counseling is a procedure where the aspiring student reaches out to the experts in the learning domain to gauge his options, create a game plan, as also make the best choice for himself in terms of fulfilling his foreign studies dream.


Career Counselling is the process where advice, support, and guidance are given for choosing the correct stream after class 10th and the right career after 12th and graduation. Career confusion and indecision can impact people at any point in your career, hence seeking help becomes relevant today to resolve it and plan. MASTERCLASS SPACE Career Counsellors lets you discover various career options, their scope, colleges, and opportunities and suggests the right career option for you. You have on board unabashed advice and guidance from a team of career counselors from Harvard, ISB, IIT, and more; and India's leading psychologists leave no stone unturned to guide you towards the apt career option.

Masterclass Space offers comprehensive undergraduate counseling for study abroad. The services they offer are listed below:

Personalized Guidance: This means expert guidance tailored to each student's requirements and objectives.

Strategic Planning: It ensures that each student makes an informed decision about studying abroad with clearly chalked-out planning

Results: Over 100 students got into the Top 20 American Institutions last academic year -END.

Their services for undergraduate counseling are mentioned below:

Account Assessment: They assess the student's academic profiles and find the strengths part of them.

College Options: They make the students pick up colleges as per interest and goal.

Application Preparation: It includes application material like essays, letters of recommendation, financial documents, etc.

File Help: They provide help in document collation and visa applications.

Visa Counseling: They provide visa requirements and application procedure counseling.

Post-Admission Assistance: They also provide help in post-admission procedures related to financial planning, scholarship application, etc.

Their undergraduate consultants in Masterclass Space know the factors affecting college admission and have a one-on-one approach to provide adequate support through the college application processes. It allows students with the best potential opportunities for admission to some of the top colleges abroad.


Admissions consulting services offer helpful advice on filling out college applications, and making sure that students submit neatly formatted and error-free applications. They give ideas for improvement after reviewing application forms, essays, and personal statements.

Masterclass Space offers top-class admission consulting for undergraduate courses and MBA. Profiling assessment, profiling building or profiling sketching, brainstorming sessions, and custom-made timeline strategy development are among the services. They help to create a standalone profile by accentuating a student's strengths, achievements, and interests. They also help write essays, statements of purpose, and letters of recommendation. The staff will give template formats, past sample essays, and unlimited edits and proofreading for all documents. Also, they help collate financial documents, visa documentation, and interviews. The organization has been successful in helping many students gain admission to some of the world's top Ivy League and Elite Universities. They provide a very personalized approach where each student is given a tailored service that works.


There are a few tools proprietary to Masterclass Space for constructing one's profile. These are Profile Sculpting-b Brainstorming sessions held to get a thorough understanding and analysis of the pressing issue of the candidate's unique story. Program Matching-identifying, for the candidate, 10-12 "right-fit" business schools out of which he may choose to apply to 3 or 5 schools.

Personalized Timeline Strategy: personalized timeline strategy so that every component of that application is completed within all school deadlines

CV: Check, edit, and develop the CV so, he/ she gets a better chance of achieving a success

Scholarship Application: Apply for scholarships both in universities also those which are offered by different organizations or departments other than universities, like essay writing, and interview preparations.

Essays: An exclusive story for the candidate, based on the brainstorming session, would be developed. Also, a strategy and direction for each essay is provided. Template formats and past sample essays are also provided in this regard: unlimited edit/s, proofreading, and statement of purposes.

Statements of Purposes: Nominate referees and the strategy and direction that goes with each SOP, template formats, and past sample essays are provided. Unlimited edit/s and proofreading are conducted.

Letter of recommendation: Assistance with choosing LOR referees, tactics and direction for each LOR, template format, previously written sample essays, unrestricted revisions, and proofreading.

MBA Interview Preparation: Providing one-on-one mock MBA interview rounds for all the school's candidates who receive an interview invite.

Financial Document Collation: Having financial document consults to help collate all relevant documents required by individual universities.

Visa Documentation & Interviews-Assisted with the Visa documentation and interviews, by preparing and completing all the visa documents and holding mock rounds of visa interviews.


Top US admission consulting discusses the requirements for admission, provides information about the application procedure, and looks out for any other information that could be required. They might plan and take part in outreach programs, marketing campaigns, and events for recruiting. Students should apply for Masterclass Space for college admissions not later than the 9th grade because, in real consultant practice, each is conducted in grades 11 and 12. However, early sessions act as a guiding principle so that one may prepare his profile amply and effectively, which incorporates projects, internships, shadow-ships, extra-curricular activities, and much more that count for an imperative part of the application process to college.


Last but not least, an admissions counselor can assist kids in getting ready for college and beyond. Many of the skills that students learn when working with an admissions consultant will be useful in the future. These abilities include choosing a major, composing a college essay or personal statement, developing a résumé, and rehearsing for interviews.


Masterclass Space offers 360-degree support to the student for all the Scholarship application processes mentioned below:

Scholarship Identification: It makes them apply and eligible for all categories of scholarships, be it SAT-based, merit-based, need-based, or any other criteria Forms and Docs: It makes the student understand and fill the forms for the application and prepares all the additional documents while applying for such scholarship such as essays, recommendation letters, financial documents, etc.

Essay Writing and Interview Prep: Masterclass Space trains the students to write compelling essays to increase their chances of getting the scholarship and train them for multiple rounds of interviews.

Financial Document Collation: The collate all the financial documents, required by the individual university.

Visa documentation & Interviews: Even in visa documentation and visa interviews, they assist, which include mock interview rounds.

It offers such services to the students to help them acquire scholarships, thereby making their education affordable. For more information regarding consulting or admission abroad can visit