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SAT Mathematics Prep: All you Need to Know About the Mathematics Section of the SAT

SAT or the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a standardised test conducted by the college board and is taken mostly by high school graduates, mostly between the ages of 17 to 19, to take admission into undergraduate courses at universities.

There are many different strategies to prepare for the SAT. Getting expert guidance from knowledgeable coaches or teachers is one such method. In addition to offering the greatest instruction, Master Class Space also administers the SAT practice test in Singapore to assist you in identifying your areas of weakness and taking steps to strengthen them.

There are 3 sections to the SAT, the mathematics section, the reading section, and the writing & language section. In this blog, we will cover all the necessary information you will need when preparing for the mathematics portion of the SAT and invite you to join the best SAT training online in Singapore, Masterclass Space, to help assist you with your SAT preparations.

SAT Training Online in Singapore

  Table of Contents
  1. SAT Maths: A General Overview
  2. Is SAT Maths Difficult?
  3. SAT Maths Syllabus
  4. SAT Maths Score Chart
  5. Best Books to Prepare for SAT Maths
  6. The Do’s and Don’ts: Tips to Help you with SAT Maths
  7. One of the Best SAT Classes Near Me in Singapore- Introducing Masterclass Space

SAT Maths: A General Overview

  • The exam's arithmetic component consists of 58 total questions, and its overall completion duration is one hour and twenty minutes.
    • Of these 58 questions, a student is permitted to attempt 38 of them with the use of a calculator and is given a time limit of 55 minutes to do so.
    • Therefore, a student must attempt 20 questions on this segment without using a calculator, and they must do it in the allotted 25 minutes.
  • There are two different sorts of questions in the mathematics section: MCQs and Grid-in. There are 45 MCQ questions and 13 Grid-in questions divided between the two parts of the maths section.
    • There are 30 MCQ and 8 Grid-in questions in the "With" calculator section.
    • There are 15 MCQ and 5 Grid-in questions in the "Without" calculator section.
  • The score range of the SAT exam is between 400-1600. The highest possible score you can achieve on the SAT maths section is 800.
  • The minimum score you can achieve on the SAT maths section is 200.
  • The questions covered by the maths part vary immensely, widely, covering questions from advanced maths, problem-solving and data analysis, and Algebra.
  • There is no negative marking for incorrect questions.
SAT Training Online in Singapore

Is SAT Maths Difficult?

For the majority of children everywhere, maths has always felt like a hardship. However, if you paid attention in maths class in high school, you don't need to be concerned about this section of the SAT.

The maths portion is limited to covering subjects and problems taught in high school. If you have done your classwork, completed your assignments, and studied for the test, you do not need to do any other preparation steps. The lesson of the story is that the maths section is not particularly challenging and can be successfully passed with some effort and focus.

SAT Training Online in Singapore

This does not mean that it is not difficult in any way. There may be a few difficult questions that give you the willies. The most challenging part of it all is that the SAT has a set time limit. If you run out of time because of any question, you're in a race against the clock. So, certainly, in this regard, it can be challenging.

SAT Maths Syllabus

The maths section covers these three broad topics- Algebra, advanced mathematics, and Problem Solving & Data Analysis. There are a few more topics from which the questions can be asked.

Topic Number of Questions Asked
Algebra 19
Problem Solving and Data Analysis 17
Advanced Maths 16
Others 6
Overall 58

Maths syllabus covers a lot of topics within these broad categories:

1. Quadratic Equations
2. Unit Conversion
3. Standard Deviation
4. Ratio and Proportion
5. Probability
6. Statistics
7. Scatter Plot Equations
8. Mean, Median, Mode
9. Data Conversion
10. Population Estimation
11. Polynomial Equations
12. Area and Volume
13. Theorems
14. Trigonometric Functions
15. Polygon

SAT Training Online in Singapore

SAT Maths Score Chart

The maths section score ranges from 200 – 800, with 200 being the lowest mark attainable and 800 being the highest. But how does the conversion work? How do you calculate your score?

Below we have provided you the chart for your convenience that will help you convert your raw score to your scaled score:

Raw Score Scaled Score Raw Score Scaled Score
0/1 200 30 530
2 210 31 540
3 230 32 550
4 240 33 560
5 260 34 560
6 280 35 570
7 290 36 580
8 310 37 590
9 320 38 600
10 330 39 600
11 340 40 620
12 360 41 620
13 370 42 630
14 380 43 640
15 390 44 650
16 410 45 660
17 420 46 670
18 430 47 670
19 440 48 700
20 450 49 710
21 460 50 720
22 470 51 730
23 480 52 740
24 480 53 750
25 490 54 760
26 500 55 770
27 510 56 780
28 520 57 790
29 520 58 800

Best Books to Prepare for SAT Maths

“Books are our best friends” It goes without saying that you will need the assistance of some books if you want to succeed in the SAT maths section. You will benefit immensely from studying guides and books that are centred on the exam's format. You can obtain a sense of what to expect on the SAT by trying problems from study guides that use the same structures or have questions from preceding examinations.

Here is a selection of books that are suggested for acing the SAT maths section:

1. The Official SAT Study Guide
2. SAT Black Prep Book
3. PWN the SAT: Maths Guide
4. SAT Maths Prep by Kaplan
5. Dr. John Chung’s SAT Math

SAT Training Online in Singapore

The Do’s and Don’ts: Tips to Help you with SAT Maths

Tips are helpful when you want to achieve your highest potential score and reduce stress levels. Maths can be tough, not just theoretically, but can also induce anxiety. Getting stuck on a question or getting an answer incorrect can sway our self-confidence. Here are a few tips you can follow to avoid getting into these situations:

The Memorization game- More than half of your problems will be solved if you remember the formulas. Memorising the formulas is the first step and is very crucial.

The Practice- Knowing where to use the formulas is just as crucial as knowing the formulas themselves. Only if you correctly comprehend the question—which comes from experience—can you use the right formula for solving it. So, practice.

Speed- Time yourself when doing practice tests. You need to think quick and solve quicker. Target your weak spots, practice, time yourself, and repeat. You will get swiffer as you practise.

SAT Training Online in Singapore

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SAT Training Online in Singapore

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