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What Is The SAT Exam? Ways to Evaluate SAT Written Passages

Sat Preparation Coaching in Singapore SAT or SAT-1 stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, often known as the Scholastic Assessment Test. Every year, the test is administered seven times: in January, March (or April alternately), May, June, October, November, and December on a global scale. It is a pen-and-paper test that gauges one's proficiency in writing, critical reading, and mathematics. The SAT is made to assess your capacity for critical thought, which is essential for academic and professional success.

Most US colleges and institutions use the SAT, which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Tests and Scholastic Assessment Tests. You are evaluated by College Board ETS as a possible student for university admissions based on your SAT scores and school grades (Educational Testing Service).

All participants will take three tests: a reading exam, a writing and language test, and a math test. Following are the timing and amount of questions: 52 questions in reading, 52 in writing and language, 44 in math, 58 in math. In total, 154 questions will have to be covered in 180 minutes.

You will be evaluated in the writing section on how well you can articulate your viewpoint on a certain subject. Your grade is determined by how many right answers you are able to come up with in a set amount of time. Both precision and speed are equally important. The range of the final score is 400 to 1600. This score is the result of adding the results from the Math part and the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing component (which comprises the Reading, Writing, and Language Tests).

Evidence-Based Writing and Reading section scores and Math section scores are published on a scale from 200 to 800. The three components of the essay are reading, analysis, and writing. Each response is read by two raters, who then give each of the three dimensions a score between 1 and 4. The total results of the two raters result in Reading, Analytical, and Writing scores, each of which ranges from 2 to 8.

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How to Evaluate Sat Writing Passages in the Best Way!

In order to avoid committing errors, it's critical to understand how to tackle the SAT Writing section. Students frequently only pay attention to the highlighted portions of statements, failing to understand the full context. Another common mistake is to rush through the section, which results in careless mistakes. If you adhere to a tried-and-true method, your productivity will increase dramatically. Irrespective of how you tackle it, you must always read the complete sentence that includes the underlined portion. Furthermore, uniformity must be maintained throughout your work. Once you've decided which strategy suits you the most, persist with it all through your practice sessions.

  • Analyzing Each Paragraph Individually

Using this technique, you read every sentence and respond to the questions it contains. If you use this method, you will be forced to read complete sentences before responding to questions since it enables you to comprehend what is happening in the material before answering questions. The main issue with this procedure is how long it can take. You should finish a training session in 35 minutes to test this method. You can still benefit from a few more moments here and there because you'll probably get faster with practice.

  • Answering to Questions as they Arise

Using this approach, you read the text until you reach an underlined passage, at which point you continue reading to the end of the phrase. You can move on after receiving an answer to the query. The advantages of this strategy are that it is quick and easy. With this approach, you might also struggle to respond to queries about paragraphs and transitions that call for a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

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  • Sentence-By-Sentence Analysis

In the sentence-by-sentence method, just the sections of underlined sentences are read. This method has significant limits when it comes to writing type of questions that call for a deeper understanding of a piece of writing because you might not be able to understand the passage as well. If you want to achieve a Reading and Writing score of at least 650, it is not advised. However, if you find that using other strategies causes you to frequently run out of time or get distracted by irrelevant things, this can be a good alternative for you. Before proceeding to the following paragraph, make sure you have read the previous one completely.

  • Quickly Skim the Whole Passage

The last approach is to skim the paragraph, then go back and respond to each question individually. The most extensive method is this one, and it can be helpful if you're having difficulties. On the other hand, this tactic might be more troublesome and time-consuming than it is effective. This approach may be useful for fast readers who have the most difficulty answering questions based on the material. This approach is not for you if you struggle with time management or like to respond to the questions as you read the text.

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