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The international baccalaureate’s higher level in physics is known as IB Physics HL. It is a course offered as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, which is an internationally recognized educational program for students aged 16 to 19. The IB Diploma Programme aims to provide a rigorous and comprehensive education that fosters intellectual, personal, emotional, and social development.

IB Physics HL is designed to provide a deeper and more advanced understanding of physics concepts compared to the standard-level (SL) course. The HL course covers a wide range of topics in physics, including mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, electricity and magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, and more. Students will be exposed to complex theories, mathematical calculations, and experimental investigations. Assessment in IB Physics HL includes internal and external components. Internal assessments are conducted by the teacher and involve laboratory work, data analysis, and report writing. The external assessment consists of written examinations at the end of the course, which assess students' knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. IB Physics HL is often chosen by students with a strong interest in physics or who plan to pursue a science-related career in engineering, physics, astronomy, or other related disciplines. It can be challenging, but it offers a rewarding learning experience for students who are passionate about the subject.

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The New IB Physics Syllabus's Objectives
The 10 objectives of the previous 2014 curriculum are broadly reflected in the nine goals of the new 2023 IB Physics syllabus. The first purpose, which emphasizes the growth of conceptual understanding that enables students to establish connections between many aspects of the subject and other DP scientific subjects, is the main distinction between the two.

Instead of the eight (or twelve for HL) primary topic areas that were specified in the 2014 curriculum, the syllabus is now divided into five themes. This modification aims to provide students more thorough and linked grasp of physics, motivating them to get a deeper comprehension of the underlying principles and concepts of the subject.

Students are also expected to assess knowledge claims by investigating issues with their validity, dependability, credibility, and certainty as well as views from their own and other cultures. The views on these issues are derived from the possibilities available to students for combining the necessary subjects.

The name "Utilization" is no longer used, although the course still emphasizes the essence of science and global awareness. 2023 IB Physics Syllabus Goals of External Assessment

The IB Physics program's external assessment goals are still the same. Both the external and internal assessments are based on the following four assessment objectives:
● To prove one's knowledge
● To comprehend and utilize knowledge
● To assess, consider, and combine
● To show how you've used your expertise.

Although each objective's phrasing has slightly changed between the 2014 and 2023 syllabuses, the objectives' core ideas have not changed.

2023 IB Physics Exam Format
There are now just two examination papers for each level, with two sections in Paper 1. The time allotted for the external examination papers has not changed (SL: 3 hours; HL: 4.5 hours). There is no other option; you must attempt every question. Students are allowed to use a calculator for the entirety of Paper 1—including the multiple-choice questions and Section B—unlike the 2014 program. In addition, students will have access to the data booklet and five minutes of reading time.

The specifics of each exam paper are as follows:
SL Paper 1
Approximately: 1.5 hours.
55 total raw points, with a 36% component weighted.
Completed two booklets on SL-only material concurrently and without interruption.
30 multiple-choice questions in Section A, for 30 marks.
Questions based on experimental and data-based work in Section B (25 points).

SL Paper 2
Approximately: 1.5 hours.
Raw score overall: 50
Weighting by component: 44%
Questions with a short answer and an extended response on solely standard-level material

HL Paper 1
Duration: two hours
75 total raw points
Weighting by component: 36%
Without any breaks, two publications on SL and AHL material were finished.
40 multiple-choice questions (40 marks) are in Section A.
Questions based on experimental and data-based work in Section B (35 points)

HL Paper 2
Time spent: 2.5 hours.
90 total raw points
Weighting by component: 44%
Extended-response and short-answer questions on SL and AHL topics

2023 Internal Assessment Criteria for IB Physics
The adjustment of the internal assessment (IA) research project is one of the key revisions in the new IB Physics syllabus. Now referred to as "the scientific investigation," the IA research project is distinct from the "individual scientific investigation" in the 2014 Guide. It still contributes 20% to the final score, with the remaining 80% coming from the external evaluation. However, there is now more opportunity for students to cooperate with one or two other students, if they so choose, within the same 10-hour time frame. The data gathered is specific to each student, meaning that each student has their research topic. This means that they can use similar procedures as long as the independent or dependent variables are different. The written report must not exceed 3000 words overall, and the 2023 Guide offers definitions of terminology that are included in this limit. The 2014 Guide's 6–12 page advice has since been deleted. The report is now evaluated based on four criteria, not five. Each of the four factors is equally important. The total possible raw score is 24, which the IB scales to give the 20% IA weighting. Each is worth 6 marks. Research design, data analysis, conclusion, and evaluation are the four new criteria, and there are new level descriptors for allocating the marks. Due to the equal weighting of each criterion, a larger focus is placed on higher-order thinking abilities, with Conclusion and Evaluation receiving 50% of the marks.

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