Digital SAT Practice Tests

Detailed Guide on the Digital SAT Policy- Guidelines, Tips to Excel, Masterclass Space Support

Digital SAT Practice Tests Some favorable Changes for the Students

It is predicted by examiners and professionals that the digital SAT will prove to be much easier and more favorable for students.

The test duration has been reduced from three hours to just two hours which indicates that the passages will be smaller. The exam conducting authorities also stated that one of the major purposes of making this big shift was to familiarize the students with technology and artificial intelligence. Some more noteworthy changes are complementary to the newly launched Digital SAT Practice Tests. some of them are:

  • Better and earlier results
  • Calculators are allowed
  • Every question paper will be different.

All you need to know about Bluebook

    Bluebook is the software that has been opted for by many organizations to conduct various exams virtually. There are certain rules and regulations which need to be adhered to in order to complete the exam without complication. Here is a guide:

    When should you install the software?
    The bluebook software is supported by both windows and IOS in the PC as well as on ipads and tablets. It is advised to install the software at least 48 hours prior to the exam day as this will help you to troubleshoot the errors beforehand.
    The software does not come with a facility of auto-update, hence it is recommended to update to the latest version before the final exam.

    Some tips to follow
    • Check the wi-fi connection is strong and consistent enough.
    • If the test is taking place at the center, make sure that all the equipment and systems are properly tested.
    • Install the application at least 48 hours prior to the actual exam and clear all the caches and cookies.
    • For the centers it is advised to appoint a professional who can help the students if they face any problems during the exam.

Best Tips to ace the Grammar for the SAT exam

    Avoid using cluttered and long sentences
    The most professional way of writing sentences or phrases is to keep a fact in mind that single words are always better than unnecessary cluttering.

    For example:
      in a proper manner could also be written as “properly”.
      In order to could also be written as “to”
      In a significant manner could be written as “significantly”

    Never try to repeat the information
    If you are trying to frame the same information in different ways then your writing will be subject to redundancy error which shows a lack of preparation. Therefore, try to write about the matter as uniquely as possible.

    For example, there has been a significant increase in oral health issues to a major extent.

    Use conjunctions and connectors
    Writing small sentences is a big red signal for the examiners, therefore try to connect small sentences and form a well-described sentence. Using words such as and, therefore, hence, for this reason, as a result, besides, except, then, then, etc. can actually increase your writing quality.

    A big no to slang language
    Nowadays, students are quite used to social media or the slang language but your exam language should be as formal and poised as a professional. This gives a good impression to the examiner.

    For Example, It is gonna create a significant error.

    Use of punctuation marks
    Almost all the students underestimate this area of grammar. However, these are the tiny mistakes that help you in fetching some professional marks in the SAT exams and increasing your percentile. Learn more about the bonus marks at Masterclass Space.

    Use of punctuation marks
    Almost all the students underestimate this area of grammar. However, these are the tiny mistakes that help you in fetching some professional marks in the SAT exams and increasing your percentile. Learn more about the bonus marks at Masterclass Space.

The Most Frequent type of Reading Questions asked in SAT

A typical question in the reading and writing section will typically revolve around the following criteria.

  • Summary of the entire paragraph
  • A detailed study about a certain reference
  • The interpretation which could be derived from the passage
  • About the introduction and the author
  • Interpretation of the graphs and the charts given
  • The overall tone and context of the passage

The most frequently tested areas of Mathematics

For non-maths students, it is always an area of major concern. Therefore, here are some key areas and formulas that will help you to perform well in the mathematics section.

  • The Pythagoras theorem
  • Properties of a triangle
  • The volume of a rectangle, cylinder, sphere, and cone
  • Graphs- the slope of the graph, distance formula
  • Quadratic Equation
  • Probabilities
  • Average
  • Percentage

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Role of Masterclass Space in helping you cope up with the Digital SAT format.

Masterclass Space, as the actual name recommends, is the spot for showing by the specialists in their field. Masterclass Space is an internet-based foundation for college affirmation readiness. It is committed to showing students their usual range of familiarity in a problem-free climate. Masterclass Space plans SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and science Subject Tests in Physical science, Science, and Math. It utilizes state-of-the-art innovation to convey online live intelligent talks keeping in view all the educational necessities.

Our focus on Masterclass Space is to give the right direction to students to meet their necessities to come by the best outcome and accordingly advance smoothly in college confirmation. We don't simply zero in on getting confirmation in the best college yet additionally plan for students to perceive and investigate their true capacity.

Masterclass Space is controlled by a gathering of experienced moves on from first-class colleges in India as well as abroad.

With the new changes coming up there are several confusions that might trigger the students appearing for the SAT exam. But not to worry you are not alone in this, we have a hold upon you.

Masterclass Space, as a team is working to make the students aware of these new alterations to make them comfortable with the format. We have also launched our new Self paced SAT prep courses. Under which all the material will be provided and you can learn as per your schedule. This is the most flexible way of learning but it requires your attentiveness and dedication. In case you feel stuck, you have our guidance available at any point in time.


So, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while opting for the self-paced SAT program.

  • Rehearsing arrangements routinely.
  • Grasp the fundamental ideas/recipes.
  • Accentuate theoretical figuring out over technique.
  • Addressing extra activities.
  • Sharing an uplifting perspective.

We are working and always here to serve the best interest. However, the deal is done best when both students and teachers go hand in hand. So, if you have an unmistakable vision for your future — contemplate what you need to accomplish on the planet and how the program will assist you with meeting these objectives. The more enthusiastic you are about your vision and the more conviction you have in your thoughts, the more grounded your assertion will be.

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