Best SAT Classes Online in Singapore

Successful Tips for Every Student Planning to Appear in SAT 2023

Best SAT Classes Online in Singapore SAT, or the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is given by students who aspire to study abroad after their high school completion. It is a standardized test used to measure a candidate's aptitude, regarding various fields of study.

The three sections in the SAT exam cover mathematics, reading, and writing & language. The questions in the SAT are majorly based on what the students are taught at the level of High school.

Although not required, coaching is unquestionably a need for the majority of students. When you receive assistance from the appropriate teachers, scoring on the SAT is less of a hassle. You can score even higher on the SAT if you receive coaching while studying than you would be able to if you studied independently.

Coaching classes teach their students much more than simply the fundamentals of the exam questions. They instruct students on how to think critically, quickly, and on time when responding to questions.

The SAT syllabus, and how one of the best SAT Coaching Classes in Singapore, Masterclass Space, may help you achieve the score necessary to help you get into those prestigious US universities are all addressed in this blog.

The Syllabus of SAT: A Detailed Guide

Clearing the SAT exam is a necessary criterion for students who desire to get admission into a foreign university. It is a highly challenging but also rewarding experience to get accepted into a top university. When one studies at the top university in a foreign land, they don't just acquire knowledge but also self-worth; the confidence one gets after graduating from a world-renowned university makes all the efforts worthwhile.

Let's look at the different fields of study or everything you will need to prepare for the SAT exam. Following are the different sections of the exam:


SAT mathematics section is further bifurcated into two sections, having 45 multiple-choice questions and 13 grid-in questions. A sheet containing all the formulas is provided at the commencement of the test.

Mathematics (Without Calculator)

The first section we talk about is the one where the use of a calculator is prohibited. You get 25 minutes to finish 20 questions.

Mathematics (With Calculator)

The second part of the mathematics section is where you are allowed to use the calculator. It is 55 minutes long and has around 38 questions.

The following topics are covered in the mathematics section:
Percentage Ratio and Proportion Unit Conversion
Conditional Probability Data Collection Standard Deviation
Population Estimation Quadratic Equations Non-linear Relations
Mean, Median, Mode Polynomial Equations Function Notation
Scatterplot Equations Variable isolation Statistics


The reading section evaluates a students comprehension aptitude; how well you are able to understand the written text. There are a total of 5 passages having 10-11 questions each that you have to complete in 65 minutes.

The passages are from the following topics:

  • Science ‒ 2 passages
  • Classic or Contemporary literature ‒ 1 passage
  • Philosophical, Economical, sociological or Psychological
  • Human Rights
  • A narrative
They type of questions that will be asked in this section are as follows:

  1. You might be asked to identify the main theme of the passage.
  2. Identify the meaning behind the narrator's words.
  3. Some passages will have graphs and charts on the basis of which you'll be required to evaluate the dataset.
  4. Finding out what the passage is inferring to.
Writing & Language

The writing & language section focuses on analyzing your grammar skills, how easily you are able to find grammatical errors, and also how refined your vocabulary is. There are a total of 4 passages with 10-11 questions each that you have to attempt within 35 minutes.

The types of passages that you get within this section are based on the following topics of:

  • Science
  • Humanities
  • History
  • Art
  • Social Studies
In this section you will be asked to play with the grammar. Questions would be of the following sort:

  1. If the structuring of the sentence is appropriate?
  2. If the question uses the correct Verb tense?
  3. If the punctuations are used correctly?
  4. You might be asked to strengthen or weaken a given argument.
  5. Make a change in the wording, to change the tone of the sentence.
  6. Make structural changes to the sentence to improve its readability score.
Ways to Prepare for the SAT

Every student hopes to get accepted into their dream university. To acquire a score that would help you get shortlisted for admission to the university of your choice, you must study diligently for this exam.

Your Way: Self-Study

Many students are self-sufficient, and they can study for the test on their own using books and course materials they can obtain online. Nowadays, a number of individuals or teachers upload their recordings teaching a variety of topics on YouTube, assisting students in improving or understanding a topic they previously found difficult to grasp.

But making and following a schedule is absolutely necessary. Your performance can be significantly impacted by missing one learning day. With self- studying, you can have time flexibility and learn at your own pace.

Essential Books

There are several SAT Study Guides available, many of which promise to boost your chances of success. However, there are a handful of these books that will be of great use to you while you study for the exam:

  • The Official SAT Study Guide
  • Barron's SAT Premium Study Guide
  • The Prince Review SAT Premium Prep
  • SAT Prep Black Book
  • Kaplan's SAT Prep Book
  • Barron's SAT Reading Workbook
  • The Critical Reader- The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar
  • PWN the SAT: Math Guide
Coaching: Offline/Online

You can obtain the support you require anytime you run into a problem by enrolling in a coaching class. There are set times for offline and live online lessons, and you can ask the instructor any questions on the spot. You wouldn't need to go through YouTube videos in search of the best tutorial to solve your issues.

A variety of questions from various sources are included in the study guides that coaching centers supply. They take practice exams, evaluate them, and this allows you to identify your weak points and work on them.

It's definitely not an easy endeavor to get accepted into one of the top universities. To ace the SAT, one needs to be determined and receive the right instruction. A coaching class will assist you in accomplishing your objectives and will walk you through every step of the process up until the day you enroll in a university.

One such coaching institution is Masterclass Space, for Online SAT Preparation in Singapore.

Masterclass Space: SAT Online Coaching

Today, taking coaching sessions is a requirement if you want to ace your exams and score higher so you can get into university. Masterclass Space is one such online SAT coaching that will help you conquer over your fear of the SAT.

Online coaching has come as a blessing during the Covid pandemic, making it easier for students to obtain education without leaving the comfort of their own homes. At Masterclass Space, one of the leading organizations and seasoned educators has made it so much easier to provide the best education straight to you, with virtual online classes. The teaching staff at Masterclass Space is of the highest caliber, and they are available around-the-clock to assist students with their problems. Students in Singapore who are seeking the Best SAT Classes Online in Singapore to assist them in achieving their objectives can turn to Masterclass Space.

Giving students access to the most up-to-date study materials and cutting-edge online technology that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Every student ought to receive a superior training, and we at Masterclass Space are committed to giving each student that learning environment.

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