Best Online SAT Classes in Singapore

Top 5 Dream Universities for Higher Education in Singapore

Best Online SAT Classes in Singapore Why Singapore Stands Out for You?

Despite its small size, Singapore provides a secure environment with abundant job opportunities. The multicultural setting, dynamic lifestyle, and diverse attractions make it an ideal study destination. Singaporean universities rank among the world's best, offering programs equivalent to those of MIT and Cambridge.

● National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore has been ranked among the top universities in the world and is known to be equivalent to MIT and Cambridge. The best streams offered by the NUS are engineering, technology, MBA, and MIM courses. It is deemed to have the same recognition as European and American universities. It ranks 11th in the QS list of top global universities with three research centres specialising in risk management, cancer, and other gadgets.

● Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University is the second-best university for providing quality education in the streams of engineering and technology. It has also collaborated with the Imperial College London and started off with its medical courses as well. It has managed to get global recognition with its research-based structure. If you are determined for engineering or medical streams, then Nanyang is the best university for you.

● Singapore Management University

When it comes to economics, business, management, and accounting degrees, the best university in Singapore is Singapore Management University is the best place you can choose. It ranks among the top 100 universities worldwide in the field of management and business. The university faculties collaborate with universities worldwide for research and development projects. They majorly focus on the fields such as fintech and economics. Moreover, they provide 100% assured internship programs to their students. This contributes to the students getting the best practical exposure in their respective fields.

● Singapore University of Technology and Design

It is one of the best universities for architecture and environmental engineering. Other programs such as supply chain management, engineering in manufacturing, and civil engineering are among the top courses in Singapore. It has also collaborated with the world-famous MIT Sloan for various engineering programs. The course structure is inspired by the curriculum of MIT and focuses majorly on sustainable development, Artificial intelligence, and technology.

● Singapore University of Social Sciences

The Singapore University of social sciences is one of the top universities for social science or humanities degrees. It is a top-notch destination for students with their multifaceted learning experience. Its various programs such as management, literature, and social and cultural studies make it one of the best universities in Asia. The university regularly launches various programs for students to stay active and aware. They also collaborated with Alibaba to launch an entrepreneurship program. It majorly focuses on the start-up culture and challenges the students to think outside the box.

Selection criteria of the universities in Singapore

Major entrance examinations to be taken before applying:

  • SAT: The SAT score is mandated in almost every university in Singapore. A good SAT percentile (above 85) can give you an edge over other applicants.
  • Scores of ACT: This is an optional field. You can see the admission requirements if they require an ACT score.
  • GMAT and GRE: Required for the post-graduation programs. Scoring more than 650 on GMAT and more than 300 on GRE is needed to get admission to the top universities.

Supporting Documents required for the admission process:

After the process of online application form has been completed, the student has to submit the following related documents:

  • Scanned copy of the application fees
  • Scanned copy of Passport details
  • Scanned copy of the Student Pass (for non – Singapore citizens)
  • Scanned copy of past academic documents
  • Scanned copy of University details
  • Scanned copy of SAT and SAT Subject test scores/ ACT/ IELTS/ TOEFL / AP/ GMAT score
  • Scanned copy of Choice of courses (preferences)
  • Scanned copy of the tuition grant
  • Scanned copy of the financial aid
  • Awards/ Recognitions/ co-curricular activities/ extracurricular activities/ competitions
  • Criminal Offence records, if any
  • Medical report stating any disability or illness

Why is Masterclass Space the Best online SAT prep in Singapore?

Masterclass Space puts in its best efforts to ensure that the students get the best online SAT prep in Singapore. Our teachers are well-qualified and have an excellent experience of teaching and preparing for the SAT. They are available anytime for the students to guide them wherever and whenever they feel stuck. There are regular Q&A sessions held in order to maintain a competitive spirit among the students. Our study material has been designed and prepared by top-notch faculty members and they have ensured that it is easy to understand. We at Masterclass Space follow a pattern of teaching under which every lesson is followed by a question bank-solving session along with conducting regular test series.

We conduct individual sessions for each student so that they could be guided according to their mistakes and weak points and help them with the areas to be prioritised which make it the best SAT prep course in Singapore. We provide special tips and strategies which help our students to master even the hardest questions. A teacher has the responsibility to shape the future of his student hence we do not hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure that they are thorough with the concepts as well as guide and prepare them about the environment they will be exposed to after the admission. We make sure that we give the best knowledge to the students regarding the universities, the best courses they provide, and the career paths best suitable for them.

How is Masterclass Space the best online SAT prep course in Singapore?

Covid-19 has probably introduced the world to cyberspace. Everything you need is now just a click away. We at Masterclass Space ensure that our students get the best online classroom experience from the comfort of their homes.

All the classes are recorded and uploaded regularly so that the students can access the classes in case they missed any points or they want to revise the topics again.

We provide all the virtual materials such as video lectures, study material pdf, and practice platforms that give the students the flexibility to practise anytime. With the medium of online classes, our students can conduct virtual zoom meetings with the professors and solve their questions and queries. However, online preparations majorly depend on individual learning capacity and personal choices in relation to the methods of study. We at Masterclassspace make sure that our students do not face any difficulties or take disadvantage of online learning through regular follow-ups, virtual meets, live sessions, and other mediums.


The SAT examination is the standardized entry ticket to any university abroad. When appearing for such a crucial exam could be a little intimidating for the students. But with Masterclassspace you will find yourself acing your SAT. Get onboard with us and experience guidance from our best online SAT classes in Singapore. So, if you are looking for the best guidance, best mentors, best test preparations, best support, and best coaching in Singapore, book your free demo session with Masterclass Space now. This is your sign to score a perfect 1600 on your SAT and get into your dream college.

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