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Best AP Chemistry Classes in Chennai Enrolling in AP courses has several advantages. Masterclasses space gives The Best AP Chemistry Classes in Chennai and there are also alternative options for online AP courses. You can finish your education whenever it suits you most. You can also enroll in courses that your school might not offer.

How do AP Courses work?

High school students who enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses can receive college credit while also being exposed to rigorous college-level coursework and exams courses were developed in the early 20th century by the Ford Foundation in response to rising concerns about the educational standards gap between secondary and higher-level learning.

High school students who take AP courses now have the option to sit for the AP exams and receive college credit depending on their College Board AP scores. The College Board oversees the AP exams. The College Board currently offers over 30 AP Courses in disciplines as diverse as AP Physics, AP Calculus, and AP Spanish, giving students the chance to pursue their interests and accrue credits for future academic success.

Finding innovative and creative educators to assist expand access to high-quality educational options and inspire seniors in high school to continue independent study and college-level work were two additional founding objectives of AP courses. As a result, AP courses are crucial to the constantly changing educational landscape.

Enrolling in online AP courses is a wonderful place for students to start if they want to raise their AP test performance.

The Best Online AP Courses Selection Process

You can find the finest AP online classes by using the scoring system we've created.

The rankings below place the courses according to a single score that accounts for accessibility, price, and flexibility. You are, however, given an assessment of each element.

You may now examine each class both broadly and specifically thanks to this. Therefore, you can look at the affordability score for each class if you wish to prioritize affordability. In addition to looking at its total score, you may also do this. The more knowledge you have, the more probable it is that you will choose what is best for you and you’re schooling.


Many online students place a high value on being able to enroll in the courses they require without having to shell out astronomical sums of money. Because of this, we give cost the most priority when rating factors.


Flexibility was the second aspect we looked at while choosing the top AP online classes.

A significant advantage is being able to learn whenever you have the time. This is particularly true if you're taking these classes on top of your regular academic day.

More flexibility is offered in some online AP courses than in others. As an illustration, some are self-paced. Some have rigid due dates. You must regularly meet with lecturers in several of these courses. Some people do not need this.


Online AP courses must be simple to access. After all, learning is challenging if enrolling in the class is challenging!

The greatest AP online courses also provide things like offline study materials. Numerous courses are accessible through mobile devices like smartphones. Many others allow you to access the course contents right away after enrolling. We consider several accessibility criteria in addition to these when determining the points for this metric.

Based on the results of the AP exams, colleges, and universities in more than twenty countries award college-level credits. "Global Higher Education Recognition" refers to the hundreds of colleges and universities around the world that accept AP test scores. However, nations that provide four-year undergraduate degree programs do not take AP test scores.

College Board's AP Chemistry

The College Board administers AP Chemistry tests to instruct students in the fundamental ideas of chemistry and its real-world applications. This is done with the assistance of their network of educators, students, and schools. This AP Chemistry exam is open to high school students in the United States and Canada who want to major in Chemistry or closely related fields. The chances for entrance, scholarships, and credits at the college level are enormous for students who pass the AP Chemistry exam.

How does the Chemistry Bench benefit AP students?

Students gain the fundamental analytical abilities necessary to grasp and evaluate chemical equations and problems in Chemistry Bench's online AP Chemistry classes. We provide both private and group instruction. So that they can select the one that best meets their needs and learning preferences. Our AP Chemistry course is structured in a way that won't interfere with how you currently learn. Although the subject of AP courses can be a little challenging, many students found our course material to be a useful and enjoyable learning experience.

The AP Chemistry exam, like other AP exams, is divided into two sections: a free-response component and a multiple-choice half. You may find a periodic table of the elements as well as a chart with all the formulae and constants you might require for your calculations in both parts.

Here is a quick summary of the AP Chemistry multiple-choice section:

  • 60 questions with four possible answers are included.
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Valued at 50% of your overall AP Chemistry score.
  • Calculator Use: Not allowed
Be aware that some of these questions will be part of question groups, which are collections of questions that focus on a certain set of data, while other questions will stand alone.

How Are AP Chemistry Exam Scores Calculated?

The multiple-choice and free-response portions each account for 50% of your final score, as was previously stated. For erroneous responses in either area, there is no deduction of points (i.e., there is no guessing penalty).

Add together all your right responses to determine your raw multiple-choice score. This means that the multiple-choice portion of the exam allows for a maximum score of 60 points.

Even though the free-response phase is a little more challenging, if you have scoring criteria, you should be able to calculate how many points you've earned. You can receive a maximum of 46 points on this part because short-response questions are worth 4 points and long-response questions are worth 10.

Next, multiply these raw scores by 50 to make them each equal half of your ultimate raw score. Let's say you correctly answered 40 out of 60 questions. This result would be converted to a fraction of 33 out of 50. Then, you would divide your free-response section score by 30 out of 46 points to get a comparable fraction of 32 out of 50 points.

To get your final raw score out of 100, sum the two scores out of 50 together. To determine how your raw score would translate to an AP score. Your raw score of 65 would fall exactly in the middle of the 4 range in this situation.


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