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Education Consultancy in Singapore The methodical, scientific study of human conduct and mental processes is presented in the AP Psychology course at Cupertino. In preparation for the AP Psychology exam, the course introduces students to psychology.

Masterclass Space does not offer any AP Psychology kind of coaching in Cupertino. Searching depicts that Masterclass Space is coaching AP Physics; however, there is no information on their course offerings at Cupertino that includes AP Psychology.

However, search results do indeed indicate that there are other choices when seeking AP Psychology tutoring and courses in Cupertino, numerous psychology tutoring professionals located in Cupertino, posted offering AP Psychology guidance supplies AP Psychology course, being taught in the Cupertino area.

So, while Masterclass Space does not seem to have any AP Psychology coaching courses in Cupertino, there are all kinds of other local resources available for students who might be interested in the AP Psychology class and exam.


Below are some of the primary ways parents can help students prepare for the AP Psychology Test:

Encourage good study behavior: Work with your child to arrange a consistent study schedule of at least 2-3 hours per week in preparation for the AP Psychology Exam. Pupils need to spend enough time studying the content to assimilate it.

Support them in learning crucial vocabulary and terms of behavior Psychology courses requires that require a fair grasp of psychological vocabulary, theory, and research methods. Quiz your students on definitions that are crucial, or have them tell you crucial concepts.

Make sure your student practice higher-order mathematical skills, if that is required. Many times students will be required to calculate the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation on the math problems without a calculator on the exam. Make calculations without a calculator.

Provide a supportive environment: AP Exams can be very stressful, so encourage and be emotionally supportive. Let your child have time to unwind and to carry out extracurricular activities that help him/her balance out stress levels.

Utilize AP resources: Encourage your child to use College Board's AP Psychology official online resources and third-party prep materials from practice questions to study guides.

Here are some ways parents can assist their children in developing the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to be successful in the AP Psychology examination.


Advanced Placement Chemistry, or AP Chemistry, is an advanced course and examination that gives high school students in America and Canada a chance to demonstrate their abilities and earn some college-level credits at some colleges, through the College Board in the Advanced Placement Program. The syllabus of the AP Chemistry course has nine units that embed large topics

Atomic Structure and Properties

Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure and Properties

Intermolecular Forces and Properties

Chemical Reactions




Acids and Bases

Applications of Thermodynamics

The AP Chemistry course also has seven Scientific Practices that a learner should be very conversant with, and there are several Curricular Requirements that the College Board designed for the course.

Preparation for AP Chemistry: Topic and skills

Understanding the key concepts and prerequisites: algebra, general chemistry, and the lab skills needed to work safely and accurately.

Actively participate in class by taking notes, asking questions, and participating in lab exercises

Do all work – homework, lab, practice problems

Use teacher support – attend tutoring before and/or after school

Get an AP review book to practice materials throughout the year

Have practice exams to become familiar with the format and timing

Attempt to go to AP review sessions before the exam if the teacher offers them

This is a fast-paced and very challenging course, similar to what a first-year college-level chemistry course would be. The key to success in AP Chemistry includes a steady work ethic and participation in active learning. AP Chemistry at Mountain View High School with Masterclass Space:

Acquaint yourself with the AP Chemistry syllabus and the format of the exam. It covers organic chemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, reactions, atomic structure, and chemical bonds. The test is multiple-choice and free-response.

Collect the set of solid study materials including an AP Chemistry textbook, the attached online course with video lectures, and the practicum offered by Masterclass Space, along with things like YouTube channels and Khan Academy.

Create a system to study regularly to get through all of the areas tested. Engage with the classroom associated with the online question bank and get clarification in case of doubt.

Work through lots of practice problems; if possible, find some hands-on experiments or simulations to make sure you understand the material. Be sure to keep up with the reading in the textbook so you are well-prepared for class.

Expert instructors on the Masterclass Space go through each topic meticulously, hold exams at the end of each unit, and give graphical feedback so that you can manage any learning gap.

Take practice AP Chemistry tests to become more comfortable with the format and determine where you are lacking practice. Continue to assess your progress in different subject areas and revise your study plans accordingly.

Keys here are solid preparation, regular practice, and having the support of as many resources—both from Masterclass Space's online AP Chemistry course and Mountain View High's program—as possible; with it, mastery of the content is achievable and success on the AP exam can be realized.


AP Physics The College Board provides four college-level physics courses and exams via its Advanced Placement program. Following are the four courses of AP Physics:

AP Physics 1: Algebra-based introduction to the course that covers Newtonian mechanics, work, energy, power, mechanical waves, sound, and simple circuits.

AP Physics 2: Also algebra-based, covering fluid statics and dynamics, thermodynamics with kinetic theory, PV diagrams including probability, electrostatics, electrical circuits with capacitors, magnetic fields, electromagnetism, physical and geometric optics, and quantum, atomic, and nuclear physics.

AP Physics C: Mechanics This is the calculus-based course that covers kinematics; Newton's laws of motion; work, energy, and power; systems of particles and linear momentum; circular motion and rotation; oscillations; and gravitation.

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism This is also calculus-based, covering electrostatics, conductors, capacitors, dielectrics, electric circuits, magnetic fields, and electromagnetism.

The AP Physics 1 and 2 courses are algebra-based and meant to be taken in a one-year sequence, while the AP Physics C courses are calculus-based and require concurring men's study in calculus. The courses are designed to be equivalent to introductory college physics courses.

Masterclass Space is a super-selected source for AP Physics coaching in Los Angeles for a lot of reasons:

The teachers: Masterclass teachers are advanced students of top-ranked institutes. They possess strong physics knowledge with an interest in the subject and have been helping many students both conceptually and practically.

Extensive Preparation: The Masterclass Space specifically guides students in learning theoretical frameworks initially, gives them ample practice in solving problems, and makes them aware of the examination pattern through the sample questions from model question papers.

Individualized coaching: Masterclass Space provides one-on-one test-taking assistance. Tutors are available to assist every student in establishing a direction for learning by working together to determine study goals and creating a personalized study plan. Also, targeted support is given where the student is weak.

Assurance: Masterclass Space has a reputation for ensuring that students embrace the potential to score high pass rates on AP Physics tests. Many students have made college credits with their tutorials even before venturing into college.

Online classes at Your Convenience: Masterclass Space also offers a convenient online AP Physics class through an AP Exam that students can set their own pace learning needs and have resources and support available anytime.

Hence, students can trust only Masterclass Space for the expertise of its instructors, a comprehensive course, a customized approach, proven success, and a convenient online delivery system. Parents choose Masterclass Space because it provides the perfect opportunity for achieving in this toughest AP course. If want to know more about AP courses then visit www.masterclassspac.com. The instructors of Masterclass Space are very cooperative so they will help you and solve your doubts.