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Best Time to Move Abroad- After 12th or After Graduation?

Studying abroad after 12th

Many students prefer going abroad soon after completing high school but parents do not really prefer sending their children out of the country at a tender age. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad after high school.


  • Holistic Criteria of Admission
  • Foreign universities consider the overall development of the candidate and not just revolve around the academic performance of the child. In India, academic records are the primary criteria for deciding the future of the child which is not the case in foreign countries.

  • Practical Based Learning
  • In other countries, it is not just about becoming a bookworm and mugging up the syllabus, rather the teaching system is more about giving practical knowledge to the students. Implementing and applying the knowledge they have learned through their curriculum. This inculcates maturity and a high level of understanding which plays an important role in shaping the character of the student.

  • Opportunity to Explore Better Career Options
  • When you opt for education abroad after 12th, you are exposed to a completely new culture, new people, and new mindsets. This plays a key role in developing a new perspective and you might also encounter various unknown career options.


  • Highly Expensive
  • Abroad education is not an easy affair. One needs to have a robust financing plan to afford education abroad. For this reason, many students skip the idea of graduation and prefer to fund their own international post-graduation after finding a job.

  • If your Career Prospects are not Clear then it is not a good Choice
  • It is a big decision that can risk your entire career. In case you are still exploring your interest and not really clear about what you want to achieve then investing in overseas education can prove to be detrimental for you. Therefore, think and discuss with Masterclass Space admission consultancy providers to get a better and clear picture.

  • Be prepared to face Challenges
  • Education abroad is an entire process, and a path filled with blockages. It needs immense dedication and sincerity toward achieving something good. Your patience and your perseverance are tested.

  • Homesickness
  • Going overseas might sound appealing and flattering at first instance, but the imaginations and reality are two different scenarios. The students are still tender and not mature enough to handle the pressure and the cultural difference to which they are exposed. This makes it even more difficult for them to survive.

Studying Abroad After Graduation

Generally, overseas education is preferred only after graduation. However, it is a fact that there are a number of arguments in this favor as well. Some of the most prominent ones are:


  • Cost-effective
  • Comparing the length of post-graduation courses to that of undergraduate courses, PG courses are shorter than UG ones. This factor reduces the cost. Moreover, you are more experienced and skilled to earn a good source of income even while pursuing your studies. This helps in funding your own expenses quite efficiently.

  • Greater Level of Maturity and Clear Goals
  • By the time you clear your three years of graduation, you get to know about many fields and areas which may grab your attention. This clarity is what is needed to help you avoid making any mistakes in your career. Moreover, by this time, you are mentally strong enough to analyze the boons and banes of various decisions you make and function accordingly.

  • Helps you get better job opportunities
  • If settlement abroad is on your mind, then post-graduation overseas could prove to be a good choice for you. With a decent experience and a post-graduation degree from a reputed university, companies are willing to offer you handsome packages. This works as an opportunity for settlement in your dream country.

  • Great Networking
  • When enrolling for an undergrad program, the exposure is limited to the scope of the course you opt for. However, when going for post-graduation courses, the chances of you getting in touch with industry professionals increase to a significant extent. This serves as a great medium to expand your reach and increase your network.

  • Post Graduate Diplomas also enhance your Resume
  • It is not necessary to go overseas only for post-graduation, rather many students are opting for short-term diploma courses which offer special knowledge and also enhance your CV.


  • Working Abroad could be Riskier Sometimes
  • Education abroad does not guarantee any placements which might be an area of concern for many individuals. Hence, to avoid such turbulence make sure to keep a check on the job market for your field. Proper research is necessary before reaching any conclusion.

  • Some degrees are not widely accepted in India
  • Some degrees like medicine and law are not recognized in India because of huge differences in the methods and structures followed in our country. Even some prestigious accounting degrees that are globally recognized are not really welcomed due to the difference in accounting policies and standards.

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We make sure that our students are aware of the holistic picture of abroad education and do not just live in a bubble. We make them aware of the responsibilities, challenges, problems, and opportunities that they will be confronted with once they decide to move overseas.


No wonder it is a difficult task to crack a position at Stanford University with the pressure of 12th exams but these tips, time management, determination, and Masterclass Space will lead you toward your dream college in Singapore. Our education consulting team will guide you through the best path to get closer to your dreams. So, if you are looking for the best guidance, best mentors, best test preparations, best support, and best coaching in Singapore, book your free demo session with Masterclass Space now. We will lead you through the path to reach your dream study destination.

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